The New Legend of Chu Liuxiang (2022)

The New Legend of Chu Liuxiang (2022)

Drama: The New Legend of Chu Liuxiang
Native Title: 楚留香新传
Also Known As:
Genres: Historical, Mystery, Wuxia
Country: China
Episodes: 0
Aired: 2022 – ?

Main cast:

Gu Long
Guo Jing Yu


The area along the southeast coast is often invaded by Japanese pirates. The imperial court appointed a middle-aged woman known as Mr. Du to clear the water bandits. However, after the pirates from the lakes and the rivers were gradually pacified, a more powerful pirate king emerged. The rogue Shi Tianwang claimed that only marrying him, Princess Yujian, the daughter of the imperial envoy, could serve as a condition for a truce. Chu Liuxiang intervened in this matter because she rescued Princess Yujian’s biological father by chance. On Mr. Du’s side, he appointed Hu Tiehua to escort Princess Xinyue to the thief’s cave.
At the noodle stall, Aunt Hua called Huang Bingfu, Hei Zhugan, Yuan Lei and others to assassinate Shi Tianwang. Jiao Lin entrusted Chu Liuxiang to find his daughter, whom he had never met. He only knew that her daughter had a crescent-shaped birthmark. Chu Liuxiang received the code that Hu Tiehua was in distress and went to the tree house to find Hu Tiehua. In the tree house, Hu Tiehua was drugged by four women, but unfortunately their layout was seen through by Chu Liuxiang, and the four escaped. Hu Tiehua was invited to escort Princess Yujian to marry Shi Tianwang, and Chu Liuxiang decided to follow suit.
Chu Liuxiang found the female ninja Yingzi in the inn. Xue Chuanxin asked Yingzi for the woman in the box. Who knew that the box was taken away by Chu Liuxiang, and the box turned out to be Jiao Lin’s daughter. Chu Liuxiang gave the box to He Yulin of Wansheng Security Bureau for safekeeping, and went to find Hu Tiehua herself. Seeing that Hu Tiehua escaped, when Chu Liuxiang went back to look for He Yulin, all he found was a corpse in one place and Xue Chuanxin sitting on the box.
Chu Liuxiang came to Yujian Villa, but did not expect Mr. Du to be a woman, and then learned that Princess Yujian was not only Jiao Lin’s daughter, but also Mr. Du’s daughter, and Mr. Du was Jiao Lin’s former wife. It turned out that Japanese pirates often invaded and harassed the area along the southeast coast. The imperial court sent a special envoy to contact heroes from all over the world to deal with the rogues. The special envoy’s daughter was also canonized as a princess. Mr. Du clears the shore, Shi Tianwang dominates the sea, and the two are on the same page. The Japanese pirates also hoped that the two sides would fight and reap the benefits. Hu Tiehua realized that Chu Liuxiang wanted to deal with Shi Tianwang alone.
behind the scenes
behind the scenes
Chu Liuxiang was assassinated by the ninja Chunlei Yici. He responded to all changes without change, forcing Chunlei Yici to commit suicide after failing the confrontation. Ishitianzhai lured Chu Liuxiang with money to kill Shi Tianwang, but was rejected by Chu Liuxiang. In the conversation with Yingzi, Chu Liuxiang learned that Shi Tianwang stole Shi Tianzhai’s concubine, so Yingzi would steal Shi Tianwang’s Princess Jade Sword. Sakurako pretended to be the princess’ maid Xiang’er and took the princess out of Jade Sword Villa. Bai Yunsheng used Chu Liuxiang’s old acquaintance as bait to bring Chu Liuxiang to see Shi Tianwang.
The second general, Leopard Ji, was afraid of Princess Yujian’s favor, so he sent Tian Tian to assassinate Hu Tiehua, who was protecting the princess. Leopard Ji asked Chu Liuxiang to choose between treasure, food and water, and Bai Yunsheng. Chu Liuxiang unexpectedly chose Bai Yunsheng, who was dying. Chu Liuxiang successfully came to the fishing village where Shi Tianwang was located. Who knows that Shi Tianwang is actually seven identical people, and even Chu Liuxiang has no chance to start. The wedding of Shi Tianwang and Princess Yujian was held as scheduled. In a fishing village by the sea, Chu Liuxiang learned that Princess Yujian had cut off Shi Tianwang’s head! Chu Liuxiang suddenly realized that the only person who can assassinate Shi Tianwang is Shi Tianwang’s wife. This is the real purpose of why Princess Yujian must marry Shi Tianwang.


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