The Musical Hero (2022)

The Musical Hero (2022)

” Maiagare! ” Is a Japanese TV drama scheduled to be broadcast as the 107th NHK ” Continuous TV Novel ” broadcast in the second half of 2022.

The era of drawing has been from the 1990s to the present. Longing for the sky and pilots, while fostering bonds with various people in the manufacturing town of Higashi -Osaka and the rich nature of Nagasaki and the Goto Islands , the heroine’s frustration and rebirth toward her flying dream is depicted. Written by Ryoko Kuwahara . Haruka Fukuhara is the heroine

Drama: The Musical Hero
Native Title: พยัคฆ์ยี่เก
Also Known As: Payak Yeekay
Genres: Crime
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 0
Aired: 2022 – ?
Original Network: Channel 7

Main cast:

Ris Witchayaphong Lamsaard
Gam Yanissa Dirato


The story of a famous young hero, Li-Kay, Mae Yok’s favorite, who accidentally gets a necklace of great value due to betrayal by two groups of thieves and passes the necklace to her sister, the heroine of Li-Kay, causing a fight. Between the two groups of thieves who hoped to get the necklace and the Interpol brothers who hoped to return the necklace to its true owner.

2022 TV series
Boon-ob (Puang Chernyim) , the leader of the Li-Kae faculty to have a huge responsibility To have to raise a team of dozens of lives, with Boon-Ek (Ris-Witchayapong Iamsaard), his son playing the heroine and Inthira (Alis-Thanatsalak Hudson) as the heroine . Like high-tech with merit as the hero, there are old women, widows, and some people are unconscious husbands. Come to court many handsome heroines. with Anuchit’s li-kae (Form-Cholphiphat Chusang) as an important competitor

And then the chaos and chaos came to visit the Li-Kae group of Boon-ek. When the villain brought diamonds of great value The theft from the world-class diamond show in Bangkok to hide in the bus of the Li-Kae Boon-ek group Boon Ob is the only person who finds the hidden diamond. This heist of diamonds is a heist with a double plan. As a result, the villains from many gangs They took each other to search until they found out the clues. Diamonds of great value are with the Likae team. But I don’t know which group they are with. by the National Police Office Got clues as well, so they sent Pol Lt. Col. Decha (Sun-Wongsathorn Somsri) and Lt. Col. Ying Bang-on (Gam-Yanisa Theerathorn), two skilled police officers. Infiltrated with Boon-ek’s Li-Kae group Although the heroine is not very willing Because there is always a story with a good girl policemen all the time.

When he still can’t find the diamond that he is with, which group of Li- Kay, Sia Ang (Dr. Piyawat Chulachakwongsa) therefore willing to invest and hire the Li-Kae group to compete with a special prize for the Li-Ke team with the most beautiful ornaments The merit falls into the trap of Sia Ang. therefore brought the jewels to decorate it for Indira until it sparkled in his eyes. without knowing that danger is coming to himself and his children Xia Ang ordered his subordinates to capture Indira. and Boon-ob was shot and killed. Thamnu (Sutkun Wantanu) , the son of Kamnan Therd (Ekpan Bunluerit) , who fell in love with Inthira. came to help her out but was sent to another group of culprits without knowing that it was a group that robbed diamonds as well The fate of the beautiful heroine Indira is not over yet. She was hijacked by another group of assailants to the border. causing the commander of Dacha and the lieutenant to must exert a full effort to help Boon-ek To track down Indira to survive from the clutches of thieves.


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