The Most Sweet Love (2021)

The Most Sweet Love (2021)

Drama: The Most Sweet Love
Native Title: 甜蜜计划
Also Known As: Tian Mi Ji Hua , 甜蜜計劃
Genres: Romance, Family
Country: China
Episodes: 30
Aired: Sep 24, 2021 – ?
Duration: 45 min.


Song Yi
Rain Lee
Chen Si Cheng


The play tells the story of a couple born in the 1980s who have no car, no house, and no children.

They are at a loss due to a series of problems such as getting married, finding a job, and being helpless to raise children.

Fortunately, they have a brother, sister-in-law and mother With the help of , the story of turning a naive older child into a responsible adult.


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