The Moment the Heart Shines (2021)

The Moment the Heart Shines (2021)

Drama: The Moment the Heart Shines
Native Title: 하트가 빛나는 순간
Also Known As: The Moment of Shining Heart , Hateuga Bichnaneun Sungan , Hateuga Bitchnaneun Sungan
Genres: Romance, School, Youth, Drama
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 13
Aired: Sep 28, 2021 – Dec 21, 2021
Aired On: Tuesday
Original Network: EBS
Duration: 30 min.


Oh Jae Woong
Jung Su Bin
Choi Ji Su


is a drama that contains the friendship and romance of teenagers who believe that their value is determined by the number of SNS hearts in the digital world, as well as media education information. Bitnara Choi, a former elementary school mukbang YouTuber, Junyoung Seo, the most popular man in ‘Ding Donggo’, Seokjin Cha, a friend of Bitnara Choi, and Chohyun Han, a teenage fashion influencer, tell the story of growing up in the digital world.

At the production presentation of , which was broadcast live online on the 27th, PD Son Ye-eun and the four main actors, Oh Jae-woong (Seo Jun-young), Choi Ji-soo (Choi Bit-nara), Jung Soo-bin (Cha Seok-jin), and Shin So-hyeon (Hancho), were held online on the 27th. The current role) actor attended.

Producer Son Ye-eun, who was in charge of directing, said, “The moment the heart shines is basically a media literacy educational drama. It is a youth growth drama that shows how teenagers live in a digital world.” He said, “I tried to melt the elements that could be felt most sympathetic and realistic from the teenager’s point of view by excluding the gaze of adults. We wanted to deliver the message ‘I’m not alone’ to young people who are going through digital problems,” he explained.

PD Son said, “I think the fun point of the drama is that it uses the subject of the digital world.” He said, “It deals with stories that viewers can relate to enough in reality, such as what happens while admiring an SNS star or exchanging messages with strangers. . There will be parts where you can feel empathy and have fun.”


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