The Love in Different Space-Time

The Love in Different Space-Time (2021)

Drama: The Love in Different Space-Time
Native Title: 美酒配佳瑶
Also Known As: Meijiu Pei Jia Yao , Mei Jiu Pei Jia Yao , 美酒配佳瑤
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Episodes: 20
Aired: Oct 1, 2021
Aired On: Friday
Original Network: Mango TV
Duration: 5 min.


Zhao Yi Bei
Amanda Liu


At the end of the Qing Dynasty, Zhong’s Maofeng Yellow Rice Wine thriving and became the leader of the wine industry. A hundred years later, the flames began to spread, and the Zhong family couldn’t continue to operate, so they handed over the winery to the Ji family, and set up a kiss-and-close marriage for their descendants. In order to make an appointment and to find the ancestral


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