The Love By Hypnotic (2019)

Ming Yue Shines On My Heart , Ming Yue Shines On My Heart , Ming Yue Zhao Wo Xin , The Love By Hypnotic (Native Title:明月照我心) , Chinese Drama .

Drama: The Love by Hypnotic
Native Title: 明月照我心
Also Known As: Ming Yue Zhao Wo Xin , Ming Yue Shines on My Heart , The moon shines on my heart
Screenwriter: Yang Shi Ye
Director: Li Yang, Xu Zhi Ming
Genres: Historical, Comedy, Romance
Country: China
Episodes: 36
Aired: Oct 14, 2019 – Nov 13, 2019
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Original Network: Tencent Video
Duration: 45 min.

Main Cast:

Fang Yi Lun (方逸伦 1992)
Zhou Zi Xin (周紫馨 1991)
Zhang Bo Han (张博涵 1990)
Leo Dong (1996)
Wang Hao Ge (王浩歌 1998)
Liao Hui Jia (廖慧佳 1998)
Adson Liao (廖彦龙 1993)
Liu Xiao Liang (刘晓靓)
Ni Han Jin (倪寒尽 1994)


The drama tells that a princess who is not easy on the eyes, and Li Qian, a king of Xuanqi, are forced to kiss. The two have been through a lot together and finally find true love. The emotional context of the two breaks the routine and creates a new chapter of love. The tight pace, innovative plot and appropriate dialogue reveal the seriousness and exquisiteness of the main creative team, striving to present the best original essence.

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