The Line Watchers (2021)

The Line Watchers (2021)

“The Gatekeepers” is a fashion discipline drama produced by Hong Kong TVB, supervised by Guan Shuming, starring Yuan Weihao , Huang Zhiwen , Wang Minyi , Chen Jiale , and Liu Peiyue , and co-starring Ding Zilang , Liu Yingrong, Kong Dexian, Chen Ziyao , and Zheng Shijun .

It will be broadcast on Hong Kong Jade Channel on September 13, 2021, and will be broadcast exclusively on the Burieduidui APP .

With the theme of Hong Kong Customs, the play tells the story of the efforts and perseverance of Hong Kong Customs to check the customs of Hong Kong people.

Drama: The Line Watchers
Native Title: 把關者們
Also Known As: Ba Guan Zhe Men , Ba Gwaan Je Mun , 把关者们
Genres: Action, Romance, Crime
Country: Hong Kong
Episodes: 26
Aired: Sep 13, 2021 – Oct 16, 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Original Network: TVB Jade
Duration: 45 min.


Benjamin Yuen,Mandy Wong,Venus Wong,Carlos Chan,Moon Lau,Karl Ting


Hai Feng ( played by Yuen Weihao ) , senior supervisor of the Copyright and Trademark Investigation Division , Kwan Pei-xin ( played by Wong Chi Man ) , chief trade control officer of the Trade Control Office , and Wen Zhiqi ( played by Wang Minyi ) , the supervisor of the Customs Drug Investigation Division , led a group of customs elites and young newcomers. , including the trainee inspector Chen Jiaxing ( played by Chen Jiale ) , from egg to atomic bomb, from milk powder to white powder, all-weather sea, land and air, showing a new look of smart customs.

This group of people, despite their own adversity, was able to overcome difficulties, uphold the tenet of “protecting the law, abiding by customs, professional commitment”, and contributing to the stability and prosperity of the local society.

They are the proud “gatekeepers” of Hong Kong people .


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