The Lie Detective (2021)

The Lie Detective (2021)

Drama: The Lie Detective
Native Title: 谎言真探
Also Known As: Huang Yan Zhen Tan
Genres: Thriller, Mystery
Country: China
Episodes: 16
Aired: Jun 21, 2021 – Jun 29, 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday
Original Network: Mango TV
Duration: 45 min.




Twelve years ago, Bincheng. Several murder cases have caused a stir in the city. The victims are all from the bottom of the society, and the bodies were found in deserted and remote places. From the scene and autopsy, the modus operandi is similar, and the murderer may have been committed by the same person. However, because the murderer was extremely cunning and did not know the victim, the case was very difficult for a while. However, through unremitting investigation and evidence collection, the police gradually confirmed the main suspect. Interpol Ling Bin intuitively began to suspect Xue Tao, who often drives a gray-green jeep, and pursued him on the way to a meeting with his daughter Ling Ran. martyrdom. Twelve years later. Ling Bin’s daughter Ling Ran works in the polygraph detection center of the Bincheng Criminal Police Detachment, and is well-known for her successful use of polygraph detection technology to solve several difficult and major cases. Chen Hu, the head of the serious crime tea

m of the Criminal Police Detachment, and her partner. Although the two have different understandings in criminal investigation and solving cases, they have also cooperated in many cases tacitly


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