Irresistible She (2021)

The Great Aerospace (2021)

Drama: The Great Aerospace
Native Title: 问天
Also Known As: Da Guo Fei Tian , 大国飞天 , Wen Tian
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Episodes: 36
Aired: Dec 17, 2021 – Jan 8, 2022
Original Network: CCTV
Duration: 45 min.

Main cast:

Ling Xiao Su,Geng Le,Wu Jian,Li Guang Fu,Cheng Yu,Hou Chang Rong


In the 1990s, China faced the dual dilemma of the world’s cutting-edge science and technology blockade and the backwardness of basic industries. In order to promote the development of high-tech in China and occupy a place in space, the Party Central Committee will take stock of the situation and launch major projects such as manned spaceflight and Beidou navigation in due course. A large number of young and promising college students such as Fang Xiaotian, Jiang Yao, Zhao Tiantian, and Qiao Nan came to the aerospace research and development department to report with the dream of flying to the sky, injecting new energy into the major aerospace projects under development. Under the leadership of the older generation of scientific research experts such as Gu Nian, Li Difeng, and Lin Ze, everyone worked hard and completed the launch of the manned spacecraft, realizing the Chinese nation’s thousand-year-old dream of flying into the sky. Fang Xiaotian and Jiang Yao also met and fell in love in the process of working together in spaceflight, but due to their different division of work, they were often separated from each other, gathering less and leaving more. In the battle for Beidou channel resources, everyone worked day and night, sleepless nights and nights, and finally completed the launch of Beidou satellites and successfully occupied space channel resources and orbital positions. And Fang Xiaotian and Jiang Yao finally came together after experiencing repeated misunderstandings and running-in


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