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The Glorious Era (2019)

The Glorious Era (光荣时代 / Guang Rong Shi Dai) is a Chinese drama with Zhang Yi, Huang Zhi Zhong, Pan Zhi Lin, Xue Jia Ning. Premiere 13-Oct-2019 on Beijing TV, Jiangsu TV.

Drama: The Glorious Era
Native Title: 光荣时代
Also Known As: Guang Rong Shi Dai
Director: Liu Hai Bo
Screenwriter: Wei Ren
Genres: Military, Historical, Mystery, Crime
Country: China
Episodes: 46
Aired: Oct 13, 2019 – Nov 6, 2019
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Original Network: BTV, iQiyi, JSTV, Tencent Video
Duration: 45 min.

Main Cast:

Zhang Yi (张译 1978) as Zheng Zhao Yang
Huang Zhi Zhong (黄志忠 1969) as Zheng Chao Shan
Pan Zhi Lin (潘之琳 1989) as Bai Ling
Xue Jia Ning (薛佳凝 1978) as Qin Zhao Di
Zhang Juan Yi (张隽溢 1983) as Hao Ping Chuan
Wang Xiao (王骁 1978) as Zong Xiang Fang
Huang Ruo Meng (黄若萌 1964) as Luo Yong
Li Tian Nuo (李添诺 1986) as Qi La La
Gao Liang (高亮 1975) as Duo Men
Tan Xiao Fan (谭晓凡 1998) as Xian Yi
Yi Zhao Bo (易照博) as Xie Shan
Zhang Qiu Ge (张秋歌) as Wei Qiang
Cao Kai (曹凯) as Wan Lin Sheng
Men Dong Yi (门东毅 1983) as Yuan Shuo
Dong Xiang Rong (董向荣 1972) as Wang Ba Ye
Wang Yi Jian (王一剑) as Geng San
Guo Yong Zhen (国永振) as Duan Fei Peng


On the eve of the Battle of Liaoyang , Zheng Zhao Yang, a member of the underground group hiding in the Beiping Police Station, had to urgently retreat due to a traitor. At the same time, he eliminated the Kuomintang’s carefully prepared underground stalking list.

Zheng Zhao Yang came to Xibaipo to participate in the school that took over the city, and his hard-won list was a devastating blow to the Kuomintang agents in the Peiping area. The Kuomintang had no choice but to launch a special action group made up of special agents, codenamed Taoyuan. The person in charge of “Taoyuan” is the brother of Zheng Zhao Yang, director of the Beijing Youth Promotion Association and the famous doctor Zheng Chao Shan.

Peiping was peacefully released, and Zheng Zhao Yang returned to Beijing. He clashed not only with the surviving latent agents and the tens of thousands of Kuomintang stragglers, but also with the mysterious “Taoyuan” action group and Zheng Chao Shan, his brother. The two brothers began an eye-for-an-eye confrontation on behalf of their own kind. The two are good brothers, secretly doing their best to fight the escalation. In the end, the Taoyuan Action Group was completely destroyed. The city of Beijing has undergone shocking changes. They are all like a rebirth, and the eyes are full of hope.

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