The Eight Fairies (2022)

The Eight Fairies (2022)

Drama: The Eight Fairies
Native Title: 蓬莱八仙
Also Known As: Eight Immortals , Peng Lai Ba Xian
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Country: China
Episodes: 44
Aired: 2022 – ?

Main cast:

Xu Hai Qiao
Li Qian
Victor Huang


Taishang Laojun was drunk in the East China Sea and discovered Penglai Immortal Island. There are eight strange rocks on the island, which are in the shape of a gourd, a fan, a jade flute, a sword, a lotus flower, a fishing drum, a flower basket, and a wad board. Lao Jun improvised eight immortal positions, wishing to select eight people in the world and achieve the reputation of the Eight Immortals of Penglai. Tieguai Li was the first to become an immortal and became the leader of the Eight Immortals. He complimented six people one after another, and finally took a fancy to his uncle Cao Jingxiu. Cao Guojiu lived up to expectations and performed outstandingly in a series of righteous actions such as disaster relief and rain, and almost became an immortal. Unexpectedly, they inadvertently fell into the trap set by the snake spirit in the Western Regions, and they had a grievance with the Dragon Palace and caused a catastrophe. Cao Guojiu died and was punished for nine lifetimes of reincarnation. He experienced various tests such as greed, hatred, and delusion. While protecting Cao Guojiu’s reincarnation, the other seven immortals also discovered the conspiracy of the snake spirit. It turned out that he was looking for the five gems left in the human world by the mother of Nuwa. The gems together had the supreme magic power, which was enough to threaten the safety of the human world. After countless trials, Cao Guojiu finally became an immortal, and the Eight Immortals of Penglai gathered together to regain the gems and cut off the snake spirit, and restore the world to


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