The Detective 2 (2021)

The Detective 2 (2021)

“The Second Season of Detective Night” is a TV series directed by Su Fei and starring Chen Ziyou , Yang Fuyu , Li Xizi , Zhu Rongjun and Yang Qijun .

Drama: The Detective 2
Native Title: 夜凛神探第二季
Also Known As: 夜凜神探 2 , Ye Lam San Taam 2 , Ye Lin Shen Tan 2 , The Detective season 2
Director: Jason So
Genres: Historical, Mystery, Romance, Wuxia
Country: China
Episodes: 12
Aired: Jun 11, 2021
Original Network: iQiyi
Duration: 35 min.


Run Chen,Zhu Rong Jun,Li Xi Zi,Yang Fu Yu,Yang Qi Jun,Zong Feng Yan


It tells the story of an ordinary scholar, Jun Wugui, after he became a push official, he gave full play to his strengths and solved many mysterious cases with the help of the collective team.

The protagonist Jun Wujiu, who is good at reasoning, forms a case-solving team with Su Wenyue, who is skilled in martial arts, and Cheng Yang, who is resourceful.

In the process of working together, seek common ground while reserving differences. When detecting twists and turns, bizarre and unimaginable cases, a series of intricate clues are stripped and analyzed, and after fully understanding the relationship between characters, rational analysis of human nature, scientific and dialectical thinking and reasoning, dig out the truth behind the case, and put one after another Reasonable and unexpected mystery detection.


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