The Boyfriend From The Group Chat (2021)

The Boyfriend From The Group Chat (2021)

Drama: The Boyfriend From The Group Chat
Native Title: 朋友圈儿里的男朋友
Also Known As: Peng You Quan Er Li De Nan Peng You
Genres: Romance
Country: China
Episodes: 12
Aired: Jun 15, 2021
Original Network: Youku
Duration: 13 min.


Ma Meng Wei,Yuan Ruo Hang


The single royal sister Lu Yu has a successful career but not yet in love. Once, in a new project commissioned by the company, she solved a problem through the wonderful use of social networks. At the same time, Lu Yu, who likes food and literature and art in his life, is attracted by the delicacies made by a strange man in his circle of friends and the common preferences revealed everywhere, and he develops mutual goodwill through constant online contact. When she thought she was destined, she did not know that she had fallen into a huge conspiracy


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