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The Bond (2021)

“Children of Qiao’s Family” is jointly produced by Dongyang Noon Sunshine Film and Television Co., Ltd. and Dexian Films (Beijing) Co., Ltd., directed by Zhang Kaizhou , written by Weixi , starring Bai Yu , Song Zuer , Mao Xiaotong , Zhang Wanyi, Liu Jun , Zhou Yiran , Zhou Fang , Qu Zheming , Hou Wenyuan , Sun Anke , Wang Yueyi , Sun Yihan starring, Tang Yixin special starring, Li Jiahang , Zhu Zhu , Liu Lin special starring, Zhang Jianing friendship starred in the family emotional drama [1] [14] .
Based on the novel of the same name by Weixi, the play is based on three decades of social development and changes.

It tells the story of the five children of the Qiao family, Yicheng, Erqiang, Sanli, Simei, and Qiqi.

A story of support and interdependence.

The play will premiere on Zhejiang Satellite TV and Jiangsu Satellite TV on August 17, 2021, and will be broadcast simultaneously on Tencent Video

Drama: The Bond
Native Title: 乔家的儿女
Also Known As: The Children of Qiao family , Qiao Jia De Er Nu
Director: Zhang Kai Zhou
Screenwriter: Mo Xi
Genres: Life, Drama, Family
Country: China
Episodes: 36
Aired: Aug 17, 2021 – Sep 8, 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Original Network: Tencent Video
Duration: 45 min.


Bai Yu,Zhang Wan Yi,Rachel Momo,Song Zu Er,Zhou Yi Ran,Liu Jun


The mother of the Qiao family died when she gave birth to their fifth child, Qiao Qiqi ( played by Zhou Yiran ) .

The father, Qiao Zuwang ( played by Liu Jun ), was a rude and selfish person . Yi ) , Sanli ( Mao Xiaotong ) , Simei ( Song Zuer ) , Qiqi ( Zhou Yiran ) , the five children of Qiao’s family, all depended on each other in difficult years.

As the eldest son, Qiao Yicheng took care of his younger brothers and sisters all the way to grow up, but he lived in the shadow of his excellent cousin Qi Weimin ( played by Li Jiahang ) all the way.

Qiao Yicheng was admitted to the Normal University, and his younger brothers and sisters also grew up with each other, and the family gradually got out of poverty. The tests and care of life will not be absent. Several people’s studies, marriages, and work have broken Qiao Yicheng’s heart, and his own two marriages also affect the joys and sorrows of this big family. They have gone through painful tests, but also ushered in hope and warmth, and they have stumbled and lively along the way. It can’t be said to be happy, and each has its own shortcomings. Just as Qiao Yicheng felt, although “everyone has his own quagmire”, everyone is working hard to live for that little bit of light

Diversity plot:

Vol. 1

Today is Wei Shuying’s birth day. The eldest son, Qiao Yicheng, is lying in the shockproof shed and staring at the sky, wondering what he is thinking. The younger brothers and sisters gather around and say they are hungry. Wei Shufang went to the house and learned that the children’s father Qiao Zuwang was still playing poker at this time, so he pulled him off the poker table aggressively, accusing his sister that she was giving birth in the hospital now, knowing that she was an elderly mother. Qiao Zuwang thought that what could happen to a woman when she gave birth to a child, she never thought that her wife would be in danger.

At the hospital, Wei Shuying gave birth to a thin boy, Wei Shufang was very worried, and Qiao Zuwang named him Qiqi. Qiao Yicheng was cooking for his younger brother and sister in the boiler room when he accidentally scratched his finger. At the same time, the doctors and nurses were suddenly busy. Wei Shufang was very worried about what happened to her sister, but Qiao Zuwang still didn’t take it to heart. The neighbors were very dissatisfied with Qiao Zuwang’s attitude, saying that Qiao Zuwang lived like a waste every day, poor Wei Shuying took care of him with a stomach, and went so far to give birth to a child in order to save money. Wei Shuying’s situation was not optimistic. The neighbors went home to pick up the children and went to the hospital to see their mother for the last time. After arriving at the hospital, the children only saw Qiao Zuwang pulling with the doctor, saying that it was just a baby and no one would be left. The younger siblings still didn’t understand their father’s words, and Qiao Yicheng knew that his mother had passed away.

Wei Shuying’s portrait is very simple. Thinking of her sister’s life in this life, Wei Shufang is very distressed. The neighbors asked the children to kowtow to their mother, the younger siblings could not cry themselves, only Qiao Yicheng remained silent. Qi Ziqiang also led Qi Weimin to pay homage to Wei Shuying, but he didn’t want to be told that he had thoughts about Wei Shuying, who used to contact Wei Shuying frequently when she was alive. Qiao Yicheng stepped forward and pushed the neighbor out, and finally burst into tears. Qi Ziqiang helped take care of the children, and Wei Shufang asked Qiao Zuwang to take care of the family in the future, after all, the children were still young. Qiao Zuwang said angrily that his life was suffering, and he had put in a lot of money in the past few days, which made Wei Shufang very angry. Wei Shuying will be cremated tomorrow, Qi Ziqiang and Wei Shufang both want to buy an urn to let their sister go in a decent manner, but Qiao Zuwang just doesn’t agree.

The next day, the hospital informed Qiao Zuwang to take Qiao Qiqi back. Qiao Zuwang didn’t want to give money, so he brought the children with him, and even plausibly said that he would keep Qiao Qiqi to pay off the debt, which made the nurse scold him as a rogue. The children were so frightened that they burst into tears. Wei Shufang and Qi Ziqiang came after hearing the news, handed over the money and took the children home. Wei Shufang made it clear that they lent the money to Qiao Zuwang and would have to pay it back in the future. Wei Shufang was very angry at Qiao Zuwang’s rogue behavior. They gave him money to buy an urn for Wei Shuying before, but Qiao Zuwang just bought the cheapest one and enjoyed the rest by himself.

Qiao Qiqi was born without a mother, and Qiao Zuwang refused to buy milk powder and milk for her, so he left him to Qiao Yicheng and went on his own. Qiao Yicheng had to feed Qiao Qiqi with rice soup, and Qiao Yicheng coaxed him when Qiao Qiqi cried at night. From beginning to end, Qiao Zuwang, the father, did not participate at all. The next day, Qiao Yicheng and Qiao Erqiang were going to school. They could only give Qiao Qiqi to Qiao Zuwang. Qiao Zuwang turned around and entrusted the child to his neighbor, Aunt Wu.

Qiao Zuwang returned a few dollars to Wei Shufang, saying that he was worried that he would not be able to support Qiao Qiqi, and hoped that Wei Shufang could help him support him. However, Wei Shufang’s family also has three children. Qiao Zuwang promised to give her seven yuan a month. Wei Shufang took Qiao Qiqi away and said that she would help him find a good family. Qiao Zuwang is still living a selfish life, and even an egg custard is only distributed to the children a little, and most of it goes into his stomach. Qiao Erqiang decided to exchange eggs for peach crisps, but did not want to be discovered by the security management, so he brought the chicken to the door. Aunt Wu took pity on the suffering of the children and made it clear for them, and finally the security officers agreed to let them kill the chickens. Qiao Zuwang went home and smelled the aroma and went to the pot to find chicken gizzards, but he didn’t want to be eaten by the children long ago. Qiao Zuwang thought it was Aunt Wu who stole things from his family and had a fight with others in the past. Qiao Yicheng took Qiao Sanli and Qiao Simei to devour at home, but Qiao Erqiang sat on the roof alone and cried.

Vol. 2

The neighbor’s house was holding a wedding, and Qiao Erqiang was greedy when he smelled the fragrance in the air, so he ran over to steal it, not wanting to be discovered. Neighbors don’t care so much about children stealing food. After all, everyone knows that these children have no mother and an unreliable father. The last few children were educated, and the neighbors gave them candy when they saw that they were pitiful. When Qiao Yicheng heard the news, he brought his younger siblings home and cleaned them up fiercely. He felt that as the eldest, he had the responsibility to educate his younger siblings to grow up.

Qiao Sanli was sick and had a fever, and Qiao Yicheng went to Qiao Zuwang to ask for money to treat her sister, but Qiao Zuwang was having a good time at the gambling table, so he didn’t take Qiao Sanli’s illness to heart at all. When Qiao Yicheng returned home, he found that his family’s food had been stolen, and a series of incidents were weighing on this thin shoulder. Qiao Zuwang and others were still stunned when they were caught by the Public Security Bureau. Everyone was puzzled. It was obvious that they had always been cautious and they would be caught. After thinking about it, only family members could do this. The Public Security Bureau asked the detained individuals to either pay the fine or be detained for 15 days. Everyone else paid the fine and left. Qiao Zuwang cried and pleaded with the police, saying that he was a disabled person and that he had four or five children to support at home. , the police could not bear to educate him. Before leaving, the police couldn’t help but sigh, it’s really good bamboo shoots.

Qiao Erqiang knocked over Qiao Zuwang’s kombucha because of his gluttony, and the other children looked at each other and didn’t know what to do. When Qiao Zuwang came home, he locked Qiao Yicheng in the room and beat him. The three children lay outside the door and shouted not to beat their brother. Qiao Yicheng broke free from Qiao Zuwang’s restraint and ran out, and the children chased after seeing this. Qi Ziqiang learned that Qiao Yicheng was beaten and found him, and he felt distressed when he saw the scars on his body. In front of Qi Ziqiang, Qiao Yicheng finally let off his guard and started to cry. It was on this sad and sunny afternoon that Qiao Yicheng met the girl who made him unforgettable in his life. When Qiao Yicheng returned home, Qiao Zuwang was still drinking. For the first time, Qiao Yicheng mustered up his courage and proposed to Qiao Zuwang that he should give him more living expenses for the family expenses, and also buy himself a pair of white sneakers.

With Qiao Yicheng’s dedication and care, the Qiao family’s children have grown up, but Qiao Zuwang is still the same. Qiao Yicheng took his father’s place and held a parent-teacher conference for Qiao Erqiang, but he didn’t want to be told by the teacher that Qiao Erqiang stole money from his classmates to buy fashionable clothes. Uncle Li went to his house to find Qiao Zuwang and saw that only Qiao Sanli and Qiao Simei were there, so he sent Qiao Simei to buy things. Qiao Yicheng grabbed Qiao Erqiang and went home to teach him a lesson. He didn’t want to hear Qiao Sanli’s screams as soon as he arrived at the door. Qiao Yicheng and Qiao Erqiang rushed in and entangled with Uncle Li, and Uncle Li fled in a hurry. Qiao Yicheng told Qiao Zuwang that they saw Uncle Li bullying Qiao Sanmei with their own eyes. This time Qiao Zuwang finally took on the appearance of being a father and rushed out with a knife. Qiao Yicheng was looking forward to him being able to help Qiao San. Beauty seeks justice.

Qiao Zuwang took Qiao Sanli out. Qiao Yicheng asked Qiao Erqiang to face his mother’s portrait and tell him where the money for buying clothes came from. Qiao Erqiang said that he saved the money without eating or driving. Qiao Zuwang bought two cages of steamed buns for Qiao Sanli, and Qiao Sanli said that she would bring back one cage for her brothers. Qiao Yicheng and several others were worried that Qiao Zuwang would send Qiao Sanli away, so they stood at the door and waited for them. Qiao Zuwang brought the buns back to the children, and everyone was very happy. Only Qiao Yicheng knew that Qiao Zuwang sacrificed Qiao Sanli for the money, and he scolded Qiao Zuwang in a way that he was not worthy of being their father.

Aunt Wu’s pigeons soiled Qiao’s bed sheets, Qiao Yicheng went to Aunt Wu with the sheets to argue, but Qiao Sanli was angry and smashed the pigeon cage with a stone. Qiao Yicheng smashed Uncle Li’s glass and went to the Public Security Bureau to sue him. Uncle Li was sentenced to three years in prison. Qiao Yicheng found Qiao Erqiang’s teacher and explained the origin of the money. The class explained it to the students, but the teacher didn’t believe it.

Vol. 3

On this day, Qiao Zuwang said that there will be guests at home, and the children must not come out at will. The guests of Qiao’s family are a couple. Qiao Zuwang asked Qiao Sanli and Qiao Simei to go out to meet the guests. Qiao Yicheng understood that he wanted to have his sister adopted. Sure enough, within a few days, the couple came again and brought them a lot of gifts. The couple asked Qiao Simei if they would let them braid her hair, and Qiao Simei happily agreed. Qiao Zuwang announced to everyone that Qiao Simei was adopted. Qiao Yicheng was a little unconvinced. Qiao Erqiang and Qiao Sanli were reluctant to part with their sister. Only Qiao Simei was overjoyed and felt that they would have a good life in the future.

Qiao Yicheng went to the hostel to find the couple who adopted Qiao Simei, hoping that they would adopt him, saying that he was excellent in both study and life, and he wanted a better environment to study. The couple rejected Qiao Yicheng’s request, saying that Qiao Simei looked like the daughter they lost, so they wanted to adopt her, which made Qiao Yicheng very disappointed. Qiao Simei was taken away, and Qiao Erqiang cried and said that she would give her the sugar and oil residue in the future, hoping that Qiao Simei would not leave, but Qiao Zuwang said that she had a good life.

Qi Ziqiang learned that Qiao Zuwang sent Qiao Simei away, and scolded him for not being a man, but he sold his daughter to pay back. Wei Shufang sent Qiao Qiqi back to Qiao’s house, because he injured his leg and had polio, which required long-term treatment, and asked Qiao Zuwang to take out the money. Qiao Zuwang was naturally reluctant to invest and lost money just now. Wei Shufang left Qiao Qiqi in a fit of anger and was about to leave, but stopped when she heard Qiao Qiqi call her second aunt. Qi Weimin and Qiao Qiqi have a very good relationship. After learning that he was sent back to Qiao’s house, he didn’t think about eating and drinking, so he went to Qiao’s house to visit him. When Qi Weimin arrived at Qiao’s house, he saw Qiao Yicheng washing clothes in the yard, accusing him of being a family member and not a brother’s life and death, and then carried Qiao Qiqi to the hospital. Qiao Yicheng secretly stuffed the money he finally saved to Qi Weimin, asking him to take good care of Qiao Qiqi. Qi Weimin took Qiao Qiqi to an expert in the treatment of polio. The expert said that Qiao Qiqi was very healthy and had no polio at all. Wei Shufang decided to take Qiao Qiqi back after learning about it. Qiao Zu was very happy to see it, and finally no longer had to take the responsibility of taking care of Qiao Qiqi.

In the end, Qiao Simei was not used to staying with her adoptive parents. She secretly came to the train station and followed the adults to get on the train. Finally, with her sweet words and beautiful dress, she successfully obtained the protection of the flight attendants and took her to the train. Escorted to Nanjing. The police at the police station sent Qiao Simei back to Qiao’s house. Qiao Yicheng’s brothers and sisters were very happy to see Qiao Simei’s return, but Wei Shufang complained that Qiao Zuwang made her suffer. Fortunately, the couple who adopted Qiao Simei understood the feelings of the children and had no plans. pursue it. Qiao Zuwang scolded and said that the four children were all vampires, lying on his body and drinking blood. Seeing this, Wei Shufang talked about Qi Weimin’s good grades and listened to her showing off bitterness, which made Qiao Yicheng very unconvinced.

The factory manager assigned Qiao Zuwang a canteen purchasing job. Qiao Zuwang thought it was a beautiful businessman but didn’t want to just sell coolies. Qiao Zuwang went to the factory manager for a theory, and the factory asked him what kind of good job his sloppy appearance deserved. Qiao Erqiang followed Niu Ye around the streets and went home and said that their family had bought a refrigerator. , took the rope to the factory manager’s house.

Vol. 4

Qiao Yicheng was taking care of his younger brother and sister while preparing for the college entrance examination. Qiao Zuwang was not only inconsiderate and helpful, but also sneered that if he could get into the university, he would be smoked. Qiao Yicheng is about to take the college entrance examination. Qiao Sanli prepared walnuts for his brain. Qi Ziqiang and Qi Weimin sent him into the examination room together, and brought him home with his younger siblings. Not long after, Qiao Yicheng received an acceptance letter, which made him very happy. Qiao Yicheng became the first college student in this alley. Qiao Zuwang felt that his face was bright, and his attitude towards Qiao Yicheng was much better. He even gave him a bowl of noodles at dinner. Qiao Yicheng did not need to pay tuition fees for the teacher’s major, which made Qiao Zuwang very satisfied, so he bought him a watch. Qi Weimin was admitted to the university with the score of the first scholar in the liberal arts in Nanjing, and Wei Shufang entertained guests, which made Qiao Yicheng, who went to send Qiao Qiqi living expenses, very uncomfortable after seeing it. Qi Weimin congratulated Qiao Yicheng for being admitted to the university, and packed a large bag of food for him to take back to his younger brothers and sisters.

Time passed quickly, and the Qiao family’s children gradually grew up, which made Qiao Yicheng’s burden a lot lighter. Qi Weimin’s health was not very good. Qiao Yicheng greeted the soup made by Qiao Erqiang to visit him, not wanting to see him sweeping the streets. Wei Shufang said that Qi Ziqiang had tossed all night and just fell asleep, but he had already stayed in the third grade, which proved that it was not a material for study. Now Qiao Zuwang has let Qi Ziqiang drop out of school, and now he hangs out every day. Qi Weimin’s deeds of sweeping the streets were discovered by reporters. The reporter interviewed Qi Weimin and said that he should spread his spirit. Wei Shufang was very angry when she heard it. She felt that the college student who had worked so hard to confess but swept the streets, which made her feel shameless, and immediately drove the reporter away. Qiao Yicheng called Qiao Erqiang home and told him to stay at home and not go out and fool around. Qiao Erqiang had to agree. Qiao Sanli and Qiao Simei have grown up. It is always inconvenient for the two girls to live with Qiao Erqiang. Qiao Yicheng suggested that Qiao Erqiang move in with Qiao Zuwang, but he found Qiao Zuwang’s Strongly refuse.

Wen Qinghua introduced Qiao Yicheng to a tutoring job and tutored his niece, Wen Ju’an. The Wen family lived in a small western-style building, but Wen Ju’an was very rebellious, and when he saw Qiao Yicheng, he was full of disdain. Qiao Yihe Cheng patiently explained to Wen Ju’an. Wen Ju’an was very interested when he saw the sweet potatoes in his schoolbag, tasted it and said it was delicious. After Qiao Yicheng’s persuasion, Wen Ju’an’s attitude towards him was much better. Qiao Erqiang went to the karaoke hall and was kicked out. Qiao Yicheng warned Niu Ye before, but Niu Ye did not dare to let Qiao Erqiang stay. Qiao Erqiang escaped the catastrophe because of this, and watched the men and women in the karaoke hall being taken away by the police. This scene made him tremble with fear.

Qiao Zuwang found a job for Qiao Erqiang, and Qiao Simei fantasized about waiting until Qiao Erqiang was paid to eat delicious food and make beautiful skirts. Qiao Sanli reminded her that the apprentice’s salary is very small, where can she meet her wishes. Qiao Yicheng went home, and Qiao Simei and Qiao Sanli were overjoyed. Qiao Yicheng wanted to make money in his spare time every day, which made Wen Ju’an very curious and asked him where he was working and studying. Someone sent Qiao Sanli a love letter and an apple. Qiao Sanli was very resistant to men because of the shadow of her childhood. She felt that this behavior was disgusting, so she threw away both the apple and the love letter. A female master named Ma Suqin came to the factory. She was very concerned and friendly to Qiao Erqiang. When she saw that he was being bullied, she took the initiative to remind him not to learn badly.

Vol. 5

At breakfast that day, Qiao Sanli finally found out that the sparrow was putting fruit on her car. Qiao Sanli directly rejected the sparrow eyes, took Qiao Simei and left. Qiao Simei felt that Sparrow Eyes was very affectionate, but Qiao Sanmei could never forget the molestation by Uncle Li when she was a child. She was full of vigilance against the men around her, and felt that they had ulterior motives for being good to herself. When Qiao Yicheng returned home, Qiao Erqiang personally cooked the dishes. The dishes he cooked had a mother’s taste, but Qiao Yicheng still felt that something was wrong. Qiao Zuwang said that he had found a job for Qiao Erqiang, but Qiao Yicheng ignored him and just told Qiao Erqiang to work hard. After Qiao Zuwang was full, he went to gamble again. Qiao Yicheng asked about Qiao Sanli and Qiao Simei. Now they are all at the age of Amy, which made Qiao Yicheng very worried.

Qiao Yicheng was called over by Qiao Simei’s head teacher, saying that Qiao Simei behaved intimately with the little boys in the class and read romance novels. Qiao Yicheng took Qiao Simei home and taught her a lesson, and announced that he would escort her to and from school in person. Sure enough, Qiao Yicheng saw the little boy waiting to give flowers to express his confession on the road, and Qiao Yicheng directly pulled Qiao Simei away. Seeing that Qiao Simei was in a depressed mood, Qi Weimin promised to send her the latest card, and Qiao Simei was instantly happy.

Qiao Yicheng frowned because of Qiao Simei’s affairs, and Wen Ju’an thought he was troubled by love. Qiao Yicheng told Wen Ju’an about Qiao Simei, and he worried that she would suffer in the future. Wen Ju’an felt that Qiao Yicheng thought too much, and there was no difference between liking someone sooner or later. Qiao Simei called out her boyfriend Chen Wei between classes, not wanting Chen Wei to say that his parents were against their relationship, or else he would transfer himself to another school. Qiao Simei was very angry after hearing this, saying that she didn’t like such unmanly people, and she must find someone who is good-looking and masculine in the future. Qiao Erqiang asked about Qiao Sanli’s love life. Qiao Sanli always resisted this because of her childhood experience, and she is still single until now.

Qiao Yi was invited to Wen Ju’an’s birthday, but he didn’t want Wen Ju’an to cry because his grades in one subject did not meet expectations. Qiao Yicheng gave her a set of composition anthologies as a gift, and Wen’s mother bought her imported chocolates, but Wen Ju Andian was not happy. When blowing out the candles, Wen Ju’an insisted that there was still one person missing, and the mother and daughter quarreled because of this. Wen Ju’an angrily scolded that her mother had been controlling herself, but she was a living person. Even if her mother gave her superior material conditions, she would never get what she wanted most.

After get off work, Qiao Erqiang went to the bathroom with everyone to take a bath, and accidentally found a few people sneaking on the ladder to see something, so he secretly followed behind. Wen Ju’an went to school to find Qiao Yicheng, and many boys approached him. Qiao Yicheng was flustered and made frequent mistakes at work. On the way back, Qiao Yicheng promised to accompany Wen Ju’an all the time, and let her not fall in love even after she went to college. Qiao Yicheng helped Wen Ju’an to move to a secluded place, but Wen Ju’an said he wanted her to go in by herself. Just as Qiao Yicheng was about to go home, he heard an exclamation from Wen Ju’an. He broke in and found a man holding Wen Ju’an. Qiao Yicheng immediately rushed up and beat the man, but was finally told that Wen Ju’an’s biological father. It turned out that Wen Ju’an’s parents were getting divorced. She didn’t want her father to leave, but wanted her family to stay together.

Qiao Erqiang has been obsessed with Ma Suqin since she saw Ma Suqin dressing up by the window. Before Qiao Yicheng got home, Qiao Simei and Qiao Sanli were talking about their two older brothers, saying that the most beautiful boy in their family was Qiao Qiqi. Qiao Qiqi has already gone to primary school, but unfortunately, her poor grades are often brought home by teachers. Qi Weimin brought fruit to visit Teacher Chang, but Chang Xingyu mistook him for Qiao Qiqi’s father. Chang Xingyu said that Teacher Chang never held it, but he still took a fruit from it, saying that it was given to her by Qi Weimin.


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