The Angel and the Beast (2021)

The Angel and the Beast (2021)

Drama: The Angel and the Beast
Native Title: นางฟ้าอสูร
Also Known As: Nang Fah Arsoon
Director: Theeradech Saphanyoo
Genres: Romance
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 22
Aired: Oct 19, 2021 – Nov 17, 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Original Network: Channel 3
Duration: 60 min.


Mac Pawish Wiengnont,Jackie Jacqueline Muench,Kong Huayrai,Yai Sira Patrat,Nath Phuwanai,Hong Suchada Poonpattanasuk


Angel Asura Mek (Pavich Wiangnon), a saltwater-blooded man who lives in the sea, Darika (Chakelene Munch), the daughter of a billionaire. He and she met accidentally. Mek reluctantly captures Darika in order to negotiate his ship that Darika’s father seized. due to lack of payment He and she must travel and stay together until the ship is returned. There were many stories in both of their lives. Darika had to surrender to Cloud, who in her eyes was a kidnapper. The relationship between the two started from anger. Hate and feel bad for each other Cloud Padariga came to hide on an island. Upon coming in contact with Cloud’s true self, Darika realized that a down-to-earth person like Cloud wasn’t as bad as he thought


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