Telefilem Forget Loving You (2022)

Watch the telefilm in conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebration ‘Forget Loving You’ starring Angelina Tan this Wednesday at 9pm on TV2.

Broadcast Time: Wednesday, February 2, 2022, 9:00 p.m.
Network: TV2 (RTM)
Script: Daniel CH Tan, Lim Chen Chen
Director: Daniel CH Tan
Cast: Angeline Tan, Wilson Lee Wai Sang, Daniel Wong Chee Hong, Jacky Kam, Angel Eng Yi Yuen, Annie Chew

The story of the poverty of life experienced by Lim Kang Boon that made him ridiculed by his schoolmates. However, he has a mother, Wang Yi Fang who is willing to sacrifice for her son. But, Lim always made his mother worse until his mother became discouraged. Eventually Wang was involved in an accident and coma due to work fatigue. Does Lim regret his actions?

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