Tang Wenzong (2022)

Tang Wenzong (2022)

Drama: Tang Wenzong
Native Title: 大唐文宗
Also Known As: 大唐文宗 , Da Tang Wenzong , 大唐陈子昂 , Da Tang Chen Ziang
Genres: Historical
Country: China
Episodes: 30
Aired: 2022 – ?
Duration: 45 min.

Main Cast:

Huang Hai Bing
Li Man
Liao Jing Sheng


In the spring of 677 AD, Chen Zian, the son of Chen Yuanjing, a famous scholar in Shehong County, Zizhou, Sichuan Province, was sympathetic to the heavens and the people, and was elected as a student of the imperial court. However, his poetic style was out of tune with the popular “Shangguan Style” at that time, and was attacked by Shangguan Wan’er and many civil servants, and was framed by Wu Sansi, Wu Youyi and others because of his poetic style and honest character. However, Chen Ziang was appreciated by Wu Zetian with the help of his confidante Duan Zhu and minister Qiao Zhizhi. Wu Zetian wanted to reuse Chen Ziang but was opposed by Shangguan Waner and Wu Youyi and others. Wu Zetian ordered Chen Ziang to go with the army twice. When the war was won, Wu Zetian thought that Chen Ziang could be reused, but his father died of illness. Chen Ziang returned to his hometown to concentrate on studying poetry and poetry, but he was framed by Wu Sansi, Wu Youyi and others in prison. Upon receiving the news of Chen Ziang’s death, Wu Zetian lamented that Emperor Wenzong Chen Ziang created a generation of poetic style but had a rough life


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