Take Two (2021)

Take Two ” (English: Take Two ), formerly known as ” Counter Attack on Life ” , is a fashion TV series produced by Hong Kong TVB , starring Tan Junyan , Deng Peiyi and Zhang Yikang , Zhu Minhan , Jiang Jiamin , Liu Peiyue , Chen Tingxin , Lin Weichen , and Lin Kaien . Zheng Zicheng co-produced and produced Huang Weisheng. So Tsai tells that the male protagonist returned six months ago to try to prevent multiple tragedies from happening. This drama is also one of the four TVB “Towards the 55th Anniversary” Taiwan Celebration drama.

Drama: Take Two
Country: Hong Kong
Episodes: 25
Aired: Oct 18, 2021 – Nov 19, 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Original Network: TVB Jade
Duration: 45 min.
Content Rating: Not Yet Rated
Native Title: 換命真相
Also Known As: Life-Changing Truth , Huan Ming Zhen Xiang , Wun Ming Jan Seung , 换命真相 , 逆襲人生
Genres: Mystery, Fantasy

Main Cast and Role:

Tan Junyan as Time
Deng Peiyi as Zhang Min (Lateral version played by Li Kangqi )
Zhang Likang as Yuan Youxun
Zhu Minhan as Park Bo Gum
Jiang Jiamin as Ouyang Jiachun (the epigenetic version is played by Luo Yuyi )
Liu Peiyue as Yang Zishan (the epigenetic version is played by Ni Jiawen )
Chen Tingxin as Zhu Xiaoxiao (the epigenetic version is played by Wu Tianer )
Lin Weichen as Kang Yongren
Lin Kaien as Kang Zhongqi
Zheng Zicheng as Ying Yaohua


In 2020, the “Willi Building” suddenly collapsed, causing countless casualties. One of the best-selling novels based on this is a big sale! Only because the real fantasy in the book is intertwined, and the suspected fantasy seems to be false, readers are fond of talking about it.

The protagonist Shi Shi (played by Tan Junyan), an engineer who used to inspect the building, felt that there was something wrong with the collapse of the building and insisted on investigating. His lover Zhang Min (played by Deng Peiyi) and his sister Ouyang Jiachun (played by Jiang Jiamin) were killed one after another. was silenced.

Time wakes up and goes back to the time when Zhang Min was still alive before the accident happened, before he and his sister knew each other. God gave Time a chance to be reborn, and Time decided to prevent all disasters from happening. Time determines that Master Qi Yaohua (played by Zheng Zicheng) colluded with the developer Kang Yongren (played by Lin Weichen) to betray himself.

In addition to being determined to prevent the collapse of the “Vili Building”, in order to avoid implicated Zhang Min and Jia Chun like the original time and space, he decided not to recognize his sister, nor to develop a relationship with Zhang Min, but to protect the two in the dark…


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