Take CTRL (TA-DAA!) (2022)

The family comedy series, Take CTRL directed by Derrik Yaw will air on January 29, every Saturday, 9pm at TA-DAA! (Channel 612), Astro GO and On Demand. The bilingual series stars popular local film actor Shaheizy Sam alongside Hana Nadira, Faiz Najib and Sry Khairudin.

Episode: 6
Release Date: January 29, 2022
Broadcast Time: Saturday, 9:00 pm
Network: TA-DAA! (Channel 612)
Director: Derrik Yaw
Production: Graph Studios
Cast: Shaheizy Sam, Faiz Najib, Sry Khairudin, Hana Nadira, Gabriel Pountney, Rika Adrina, Marianne Tan, Farid Azmeir, Phoon Chi Ho, Prakash Daniel, Jenn Chia, Jin Lim

Main Cast:

Shaheizy Sam as Papa
Hana Nadira as Mama
Faiz Najib as Sky
Sry Khairudin as Ramunah


Tells the story of Sky and Ramunah, siblings who are tightly controlled by their parents, until they stumble upon a mind control video game. These children then experience their roles and parents being changed.\

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