Tada Rikon Shitenai dake (2021)

Tada Rikon Shitenai dake (2021)

All but divorced ” ( English : I AND SHE (HE) ARE LIVING TOGETHER YET ) is a Japanese manga work by Yuki Honda . It was serialized in ” Young Animal Arashi ” ( Hakusensha ) from the 9th issue of 2017 , and transferred to ” Young Animal ” due to the suspension of the magazine in the 7th issue of 2018 .

It was serialized from the 14th issue of 2018 to [4] the 2nd issue of 2020 .

From July to September 2021, a TV drama was broadcast starring Hiromitsu Kitayama ( Kis-My-Ft2 ) .

He received the Excellence Award at the 2020 Hakusensha Ebook Awards announced by Hakusensha

Drama: Tada Rikon Shitenai dake
Native Title: ただ離婚してないだけ
Also Known As: We Are Just Not Divorced
Screenwriter & Director: Asato Mari
Screenwriter: Shimizu Masashi, Tanaka Shinichi
Genres: Thriller, Romance, Life, Drama
Country: Japan
Episodes: 12
Aired: Jul 7, 2021 – Sep 8, 2021
Aired On: Wednesday
Original Network: TV Tokyo
Duration: 33 min.


Kitayama Hiromitsu,Nakamura Yuri,Hagiwara Minori,Kitagawa Takumi,Kanako Nishikawa,Takeda Kouhei


Masataka Kakino and Yukiei , who are in their seventh year of marriage, have had an affair with Moe Natsukawa , a newspaper deliveryman in charge of the neighborhood of their home, as the relationship has cooled completely due to the miscarriage of Yukiei in the past . Mr. and Mrs. Kakino, who were masked couples who “just did not divorce”, avoiding going deep into each other and spending their daily lives, but there is a limit to pretending not to see Moe’s pregnancy and affair. With the tearful denunciation of Yukiei, Masataka decides to liquidate his relationship with Moe and improves his relationship with Yukiei.

However, Moe, who had no choice but to have an abortion and was unilaterally told to say goodbye, lost her mental balance and was attacked by Moe who visited her home in a half-confused state after learning about Yukie’s pregnancy. After desperate resistance, Yukiei strangles Moe with a power cord and kills him. Yukiei’s intention is not to make her born child a murderer’s child, and the Kakino couple try to conceal the incident by burying Moe’s corpse on the premises of his house.

Masataka, who visited Kakino’s house to threaten money from Masataka using his relationship with Moe as an excuse , unintentionally knocked Sano down the stairs and fainted when Moe’s murder was revealed to Sano , a former dating partner of Moe. Sano is confined on the second floor of his house due to a strong sense of resistance to further murder. Ironically, the Kakino couple, who deepened their relationship through the intense joint experience of murder, will continue their “murder joint life” while keeping Sano on the second floor.


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