Summer Time Machine Has Gone (2021)

Summer Time Machine Has Gone (2021)

Drama: Summer Time Machine Has Gone
Native Title: サマータイムマシン・ハズ・ゴーン
Also Known As: Samataimumashin Hazu Gon
Genres: Youth, Sci-Fi
Country: Japan
Episodes: 1
Aired: Oct 8, 2021
Aired On: Friday
Original Network: Fuji TV
Duration: 60 min.


Kamishiraishi Moka
Tozuka Junki
Yahagi Ken
Muro Tsuyoshi


After the new sensation SF comprehensive variety program “European Planning You Space be” broadcasted by Fuji TV and the popular theater company Europe Planning, which is active mainly in Kyoto, we will send you a youth-based time SF omnibus again. It is a drama program. This time, there are three short dramas that include a lot of storytelling parts and time science fiction elements. The storytelling part is Tsuyoshi Muro, and each drama is starring Moka Kamishiraishi, Ken Yahagi, and Shiori Kubo ( Nogizaka46) will appear! In addition, there are also familiar gorgeous people from European projects such as Gota Ishida, Yoshifumi Sakai, Munenori Nagano, and Chikara Honda. In the storytelling part, the content is a comedy tailored by a dialogue between Tsuyoshi Muro and members of the European project. In addition, one of the three short dramas, “Remind,” is starring Moka Kamishiraishi and co-starring Junki Tozuka. Kamishiraishi plays the role of a female college student who likes science fiction, and Totsuka plays the role of a male college student who also likes science fiction. In the second “Atsu no Miracle Shot”, Ken Yahagi of Ogiyahagi will be the star. Yahagi plays a salaryman who lives in Kyoto. It is a story that depicts the world of “parallel world”. And the final story, “Otome, Rin. ], Shiori Kubo of Nogizaka46 will play the leading role in the vocal role of the folk duo.


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