Subete no Koi wa Kataomoi kara Hajimaruppoi (2021)

Subete no Koi wa Kataomoi kara Hajimaruppoi (2021)

Drama: Subete no Koi wa Kataomoi kara Hajimaruppoi
Native Title: すべての恋は片想いからはじまるっぽい
Also Known As: Subete no Koi wa Kataomoi kara Hajimaru Poi , Subete no Koi wa Kataomoi kara Hajimaru Ppoi , All Love Seems to Start with One-sided Thoughts , KoiPoi , すべてのこいはかたおもいからはじまるっぽい , 恋ぽい
Director: Matsumoto Hana
Screenwriter: Toyama Erika
Genres: Friendship, Romance, School, Youth
Country: Japan
Episodes: 13
Aired: Jun 8, 2021 – Aug 20, 2021
Aired On: Tuesday, Friday
Duration: 10 min.


Wakayanagi Kotoko,Hayase Ai,Hayakawa Ahiru,Sakai Taichi,Kai,Miyamoto Ryunosuke


On June 8th, Asahi Soft Drinks will start distributing the original serial web drama “All Love Begins with Unrequited Love” with the theme of “Unrequited Love” as part of the company’s “After School Calpis ®” project. On June 4, prior to the drama distribution, the trailer distribution started on YouTube.

The “After School Calpis®” project was launched by the company in April 2020 to support “after school”, which is a time full of potential for high school students. This year, which is the second year of the project, we will send out measures to support pure and sweet feelings of people with the theme of “unrequited love”.

This time, we will start distributing a series of web dramas with the concept of “10-minute drama after school.” It was created with the aim of achieving both “empathy” and “longing” for high school students. Taking into account the fact that it is viewed on a smartphone, the length of one episode is about 10 minutes, which is not too long, and it suits the viewing environment of high school students, such as making close-up pictures that clearly show the facial expressions of people, using monologues, and editing at a good tempo. He was also conscious of making frames for the drama.

In the production process, active high school students also participate in the planning meeting and jointly produce stories aiming for more realistic stories and depictions. It is a project that utilizes the creative power of high school students by collaborating with high school students, such as co-creating Instagram stories posts for advertising creatives for drama announcements.

Regarding the background of this project, creative director Junta Yoshikawa said, “While the team members are discussing what’Calpis’can do to be close to high school students,’unrequited love’ actually decreases as adults grow up.

There was a talk about going on, because after college, the number of encounters on the premise of love suddenly increased, and I heard “Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?” If you think about it, “unrequited love” may be a feeling that is easy to be born in high school life where the social sphere is limited, and it is pure, sweet, and exactly “Calpis”.

I realized that it was a moment like “. So, this year’s theme is” Encollege “unrequited love” of high school students all over Japan. I made it. Then, while talking with the client, I decided to go beyond the advertising drama centered on product placement and create a full-scale drama that really fits the feelings of high school students. I commented.


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