Suamiku Lelaki Pendosa (2022)

Look forward to the drama adaptation of the novel ‘Imamku Lelaki Pendosa’ by Umie Nadzimah which will meet the audience in the Samarinda TV3 slot starting February 9, 2022. Featuring the main duo of Aaron Aziz and Sophia AlBarakbah. A 28 -episode drama directed by Eyra Rahman, published by Global Station Sdn Bhd.

Episode: 28
Release Date: February 9, 2022
Broadcast Hours: Monday-Thursday, 10:00 p.m.
Network: Samarinda TV3
Script: Siti Jasmina, Ctna Marzuki
Director: Eyra Rahman
Production: Global Station Sdn Bhd
Cast: Aaron Aziz, Sophia AlBarakbah, Shima Anuar, Fauzi Nawawi, Gambit Saifullah, Aleza Shadan, Maria Farida, Edika Yusof, Hafeez Mikail, Anne Abdullah, Michael Lean, Ungku Hariz, Kael, Annie Mosha, Faez Malek, Fiza Thomas, Ieda Moin, Betty Banafee, Auni Zahra

Actor character:

Aaron Aziz as Dean Ilyas
Sophia AlBarakbah as the Angel Light
Shima Anuar as Anggun Dania
Gambit Saifullah as Izfairin
Fauzi Nawawi as Firdaus
Maria Farida as Datin Junaidah
Aleza Shadan as Wahidah
Edika Yusof as Dato Seri Afnan
Hafeez Mikail as Hael Idris
Faez Malek as Jerry
Fiza Thomas as Maya
Kael as Nik Safri
Annie Mosha as Balqis

Synopsis My Husband is a Sinner
The story of Dean Ilyas who looks perfect but tends to be homosexual, that is, same -sex relationships. Dean tries to change with the help and support of his wife Light Angel.

The happy and cheerful Angel’s Light life changed rhythm after the secret of her identity was revealed. He is not the biological son of that loving Mr. Firdaus. Then her engagement to Nik Safri was decided and she was humiliated as an illegitimate child!

What is the sin? Why does he have to bear the consequences for the mistakes of others?
Suddenly, Dean Ilyas’ mother decided to make Cahaya her son-in-law. Want to hurry right away. In fact, a large-scale ceremony has been planned by Datin Junaidah.

Dean Ilyas is perfect and has everything. Sincerely accept the Light as it is without questioning the past story and status, despite being asked to marry according to the law in secret.

Apparently Datin Junaidah has an agenda. That beautiful and excellent light is just a tool to save the dignity of the family and take care of its ego only. In the hope that the presence of the Light will separate Dean from his ‘Best Friend Forever’, Izfairin who becomes a fire in the husk.

When Dean pleads not to leave her, then the Angel Light sets the conditions. She wants Dean to love her as a wife wholeheartedly for God’s sake, not to share love with the wrong human being.

But what about Dean? What are the conditions of the Angelic Light? Can he meet the demands and conditions of the Light? While Cahaya has sacrificed his whole soul and body in order to accompany and support himself who is often lost.

Can both of them achieve true happiness in the end?

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