Stray Birds (2021)

Stray Birds (2021)

“Birds” is a collection of poems by Indian poet Tagore , which includes 325 beautiful untitled poems, first published in 1916. The basic themes of these poems are mostly very common things, nothing more than grass, fallen leaves, birds, stars, rivers and so on.
Because the poet is faithful to his own thoughts, has keen insight into nature and society, and has a wonderful pen that is good at expressing his heart, these little poems, which are like a few words, contain rich ideas and profound philosophy, showing a fresh, lively, beautiful Timeless style. “Flying Birds Collection” has been translated into various language versions around the world , which has promoted the emergence and development of the “Little Poetry Movement” in China.

Drama: Stray Birds
Native Title: 飞鸟集
Also Known As: Fei Niao Ji , 飛鳥集
Director: Fu Xiao Yi
Genres: Romance, Life, Youth, Drama
Country: China
Episodes: 40
Aired: Jun 3, 2021 – Jul 9, 2021
Aired On: Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Original Network: Mango TV, Tencent Video
Duration: 45 min.


Gao Zhi Ting,Lulu Xu,Anson Qiu,Yu Chen,Wen Sheng,Huai Wen


The collection includes 325 untitled poems, the vast majority of which are only one or two lines long, either capturing a natural landscape or telling an event.

The poetry collection has no obvious logical structure and clear center, but is only a record of fragments of the poet’s feelings, thoughts and feelings in his daily life.


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