Start Up the Engine (2021)

Start Up the Engine (2021)

Drama: Start Up the Engine
Native Title: 오늘부터 엔진 온
Also Known As: Starting Today, Engine ON , From Today Engine On , Oneulbuteo Enjin On , Engine on From Today
Director: Kim Dae Woong
Genres: Mystery, Comedy, Melodrama
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 4
Aired: Jun 29, 2021 – Jul 20, 2021
Aired On: Tuesday
Original Network: Daum Kakao TV
Duration: 20 min.


Kim Min Seok,Im Hyun Joo,Kim Hong Pyo,Lee Yo Seob,Joo Hae Eun,Yoo Seung Mok


The Kakao TV original ‘Engine On From Today’ (directed by Dae-woong Kim, planned by Kakao Entertainment, produced by Annapurna Film), which ended yesterday (20th), is a service center It is a four-part emotional human drama depicting manager Yoo Hwa (played by Lim Hyeon-joo) growing up as she meets various car-related incidents and people. Since it was first released in June, it has recorded a high number of views of over 4 million views each time, and the final episode released yesterday also exceeded 500,000 views in two hours, and accumulated views of about 15 million views.

In the last episode released on this day, Yuhwa, who felt frustrated because of Daehyun, who was too clumsy in love and passive in expression, directly expressed, “If there is something you don’t like, tell me.” It seemed that a crisis was coming between the two. , revealing each other’s honest feelings, the love front went smoothly. However, Yuhwa’s childhood memories of Tteokbokki were a problem with her grandmother’s van, and she had to face a crisis once again, and Daehyun and the service center staff struggle to solve the problem. Daehyun, who had solved all the problems, showed Yuhwa to the front of the house and showed a heart-fluttering kiss scene, creating an all-time heart-fluttering ending.

‘Engine On from Today’ is a four-part drama consisting of a mid-form of about 20 minutes each episode, and in each episode for four weeks, it is filled with solid stories and colorful sights that cross various genres such as melodrama, comics, action, and mystery. gave a strong immersion in Daehyun, who only knows cars and knows neither love nor people, meets an honest and pleasant Yuhwa and begins to fall in love.


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