Spring & Butterflies (2022)

Spring & Butterflies (2022)

Drama: Spring & Butterflies
Native Title: 待到春来化蝶时
Also Known As: Spring and Butterflies , Dai Dao Chunlai Hua Die Shi , Dai Dao Chun Lai Hua Die Shi
Screenwriter: Su Xiao Yuan
Genres: Business, Romance, Drama
Country: China
Episodes: 1
Aired: 2022 – ?

Main cast:

Su Xiao Yuan


The Yu family was originally the richest man in Nanxun, but was attacked by the He family and the Shen family in a fight for silk. Yu Hanzhang worked hard at the bottom of the society to revive his family business, and after several hard work, he finally carried forward the Yu family industry. Her relationship with Zhao Xinyuan and Shen Fengshi was not successful due to national hatred and family hatred. Yu Hanzhang, who was originally outspoken and self-willed, became mature and capable in the face of adversity, and was more able to understand the suffering of ordinary people. In the era of national disaster, under the influence and guidance of Communist Party members, he finally established a revolutionary belief, and joined forces with ethnographers to defeat the enemy’s various Conspiracy, with the secrets of Husi in Yu Jiji, embarked on the journey to Yan’an.


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