Sponsor (2022)

Sponsor (2022)

Drama: Sponsor
Native Title: 스폰서
Also Known As: Greed , Desire , Seuponseo , Yokmang , 욕망
Director: Kwak Gi Won
Screenwriter: Park Gye Hyung
Genres: Thriller, Romance, Drama
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 12
Airs: Feb 23, 2022 – Mar 31, 2022
Airs On: Wednesday, Thursday
Original Network: MBN
Duration: 60 min.


Han Chae Young
Ji Yi Soo
Koo Ja Sung
Park Geun Hyung
Lee Ji Hoon


The story of a prospective groom in his 30s who is about to get married with his girlfriend of 9 years is considering breaking the marriage, attracting attention from netizens. After learning the shocking fact that his prospective bride has a sponsor.

According to an online community on the 27th, the prospective groom A said, “I met at the age of 21, and after dating for 9 years, I was about to get married, but I happened to see the KakaoTalk of the bride-to-be, B, and Pandora’s box was opened.” talked about

The KakaoTalk that Mr. A saw was that Mr. B had a conversation with a man who was saved as a female name, saying, “Baby~”.

He told Mr. B this, and Mr. B was bewildered.

Mr. B confessed that he was a sponsor, saying, “I couldn’t get a job as a nursing home and I had to finance my marriage, but the 15 million won was too big a debt.” Person A claimed, “The bride-to-be was looking for a sponsor herself and was receiving 2 million won a month from the CEO of an IT company in her late 40s.” Then, Mr. A said, “Until now, he deceived me saying that he was working at a game company, and he even went on a trip with a sponsor under the guise of a business trip to Busan.


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