Sponsor (2022)

Sponsor (2022)

Drama: Modern Marriage
Native Title: 我们的婚姻
Also Known As: Our Marriage , Xian Dai Hun Yin , Wo Men De Hun Yin , 现代婚姻
Director: Shen Yan
Genres: Romance
Country: China
Episodes: 40
Airs: Feb 23, 2022 – ?
Original Network: Tencent Video
Duration: 45 min.


Bai Bai He
Jiang Xin
Tong Da Wei


Full-time mother Shen Huixing used to be a top student at a top university. After marriage, she chose to marry her husband and teach her children, and used her talents to run the family. Her husband Sheng Jiangchuan worked hard in the workplace and was extremely busy with his work and had no time to accompany his wife and daughter. All family responsibilities fell on Shen Huixing. As her daughter got older, Shen Huixing felt that the time was right and decided to return to the workplace, but she had a competitive relationship with the company where Sheng Jiangchuan worked. After she entered the workplace, she asked Sheng Jiangchuan to share more family responsibilities, which led to constant friction between the two. The occurrence of an accident magnified the rift between Shen Huixing and Sheng Jiangchuan, triggering the divorce battle between the two. After that, Shen Huixing gradually regained recognition in the workplace, Sheng Jiangchuan also understood his wife’s contribution in getting along with his daughter, and the two gradually recovered their former love for each other. The young couple grew up in the workplace confrontation and emotional collision, and finally learned to face their family and career in a more mature way. They choose to trust each other, grow together, fight together in career, and share responsibilities in the family


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