So Not Worth it (2021)

So Not Worth it (2021)

Drama: So Not Worth it
Native Title: 내일 지구가 망해버렸으면 좋겠어
Also Known As: Hope That The Earth Collapses Tomorrow , I Wish the World Would End Tomorrow , I Wish the World Would be Destroyed Tomorrow , Naeil Jigooga Manghaebeoryeotseumyeon Joggeseo , Naeil Jiguga Manghaebeolyeosseumyeon Johgesseo
Screenwriter: Seo Eun Jung, Baek Ji Hyun
Director: Kwon Ik Joon, Kim Jung Shik
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Youth, Sitcom
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 12
Aired: Jun 18, 2021
Aired On: Friday
Original Network: Netflix
Duration: 35 min.


Park Se Wan,Shin Hyun Seung,Choi Young Jae,Minnie,Han Hyun Min,Terris Brown


Are there any filming episodes that you enjoyed?
There was a time when Sewan’s beanie came off in the scene where Hyunmin slapped Teris in the back of the head. But it was hot on the set, so I put an ice pack in the beanie. There was a time when everyone at the scene burst out laughing and there was an uproar.
It was a scene in Hyunmin ’s basement warehouse, but there were a lot of special shootings that day. But it was hard because the burst of laughter did not stop. However, I felt sorry for the staff because filming took longer if I gave NG, and I was

scolded for not holding back my laughter. is a work in which the masters of sitcoms who made <3 Men, 3 Women>, and participated. How are you doing together?
Hyunseung I grew up watching the series. It was an honor in many ways. It seems that you are familiar with collaborating with a new actor like me who is making a debut film. It was good in every way.
The producers also play a big part in wanting to appear in Sewan’s . So even on days when there was no filming, I contacted the director and asked for his opinion. Of course, there was pressure as it was an anticipated work, but I tried to enjoy it. It ‘s an honor,
Hyunmin . I don’t have a long acting career, but I’m grateful that I was able to work comfortably like this. The atmosphere on set was also pleasant, and only good memories remained in every way. I miss that time so much.


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