Snow Leopard Characteristic (2021)

Snow Leopard Characteristic (2021)

The play tells the growth experience of a group of post-90s armed police officers and soldiers in the barracks and will be broadcast on iQIYI on June 10, 2021

Drama: Snow Leopard Characteristic
Native Title: 雪豹特战
Also Known As: Xue Pao Te Zhan , Xue Bao Te Zhan , Syut Baau Dak Jin , 雪豹特戰 , 雪豹突击队: 特战枪王 , Xuěbào tújí duì: Tè zhàn qiāng wáng , Snow Leopard Commando: Special War Gun King , Snow Leopard Commando: Warlord , 雪豹特战枪王 , 雪豹特战 , Xuěbào tè zhàn qiāng wáng , Xuěbào tè zhàn
Genres: Military, War
Country: China
Episodes: 36
Aired: Jun 10, 2021 – ?
Original Network: iQiyi
Duration: 42 min.


Johnny Zhang,Luo Yu Kun,Zheng Qi,Wei Bing Hua,Time Liu,Oscar Chen


This is an inspirational story of a dream come true. Through Zheng Shuai, a son of a wealthy family with a heroic dream, he came to the army from a military enthusiast who knows nothing about the sky and the earth.

This rich family’s “love at first sight” dream lover is also a majestic and ruthless instructor Jiang Ting ( played by Luo Yukun ) in reality. With the help of comrades-in-arms, the legendary experience of growing into a Snow Leopard commando after setbacks and tribulations tells the touching story of armed police officers and soldiers who uphold dignity and honor and have the courage to take responsibility for the times.

Growth experience, answered the post-90s soldiers who grew up with the ” virtual life ” of the Internet, forged steel in the hot army, and dared to shoulder the national mission .

The legendary life, between perseverance and abandonment, between ego and self, love and hate, profoundly reveals the great love and spiritual aspirations of contemporary soldiers.


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