Shinjikki (2022)

Shinjikki (2022)

Drama: Shinjikki
Native Title: 신지끼
Also Known As:
Genres: Fantasy
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 5
Aired: Feb, 2022 – ?

Main cast:

Lee Yeol Eum


Film Mong (CEO Park Chae-woon) released four posters and trailers for the first time for the drama ‘Shinjiki’, which is being produced with the motif of Geomundo’s ‘Shinjiki mermaid myth’, ahead of its broadcast in February 2022.

The drama ‘Shinjiki’ was produced in the year 329 AD, in Geomundo during the Mahan period. Eugene, who was once a general of the navy, but is exiled to the island and becomes the captain of a fishing boat, and the mermaid Shin Ji-ki, who sees the future, share a fateful love. contains a story.

The posters released this time are made with the concepts of fantasy, mystery, melodrama, and romantic comedy, respectively, and vividly express the various emotions and colorful stories contained in the drama ‘Shinjiki’. The trailer video captures the romantic first meeting between Shin Ji-ki and Yoo Seon-jang, and Seon-jang, who has to go on a mermaid hunt to save the islanders.


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