Shinhannin Flag SP (2021)

Shinhannin Flag SP (2021)

Special: Shinhannin Flag SP
Native Title: 真犯人フラグ特別編
Also Known As: Shinhannin Flag Tokubetsu-hen , Shinhannin Flag Special , Shinhannin Flag Special Edition , Guilty Flag SP , Guilty Flag Special , Shinhannin Furagu Tokubetsu-hen
Genres: Mystery, Drama
Country: Japan
Episodes: 1
Aired: Dec 26, 2021
Aired On: Sunday
Original Network: Hulu, NTV
Duration: 55 min.

Main cast:

Yoshine Kyoko,Sano Hayato,Sakoda Takaya,Nao,Hakamada Yoshihiko,Katagiri Jin


The Japanese TV drama “Guilty Flag” is currently being broadcast until the 10th episode, and the broadcast of “The Truth Edition” will start at 10:30 on January 9th (Sun).

From 11:00 on Sunday, December 26th, the characters from “Your Turn to Kill Theatrical Version” will gather and broadcast a “special edition” to infer the case of “Guilty Flag”!

Yuzuru Kuzumi (Yoshihiko Hakamada), Shin Yi (Miho Kanazawa), Mikiha Ono (Nao), Atsushi Fujii gathered to hold a year-end party at the BAR “Supreme Time” run by Ryosuke’s best friend Hino (Takaya Sakoda). (Jin Katagiri), Misato Akaike (Rie Minemura) and other residents of Kiunkue Kuramae. Sanae Enomoto (Tae Kimura) and Masashi (Masanobu Sakata) also came and started to infer the disappearance of the rice cooker.

While Mizuho (Kyoko Yoshine) and Issei (Hayato Sano) also appear in the store, Kuzumi, who attended the alumni association, tells the truth of that day of Maho (Rie Miyazawa) and Hayashi (Motoki Fukami) …?

All the mysteries and suspicions about the disappearance of the rice cooker! Thorough verification of whether Ryosuke is really the culprit! Please look forward to the “Special Edition” where strange residents’ reasoning pops out before the “Truth Edition” starts broadcasting.


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