Shinbun Kisha (2022)

Shinbun Kisha (2022)

In the play, Ryoko Yonekura plays the role of a social reporter from the newspaper Toto News, who investigates the Rongxin Academy incident and finds that the case of falsification of official documents is not simple. Worked in the Cabinet Intelligence Investigation Office; Yokohama Meteor was originally just a college student looking for a job. He was indifferent to political and current affairs who earned tuition by delivering newspapers. This role is a new role specially added by Director Fujii during the production of the drama version. The perspective of college students is closer to the general audience.

The content of the Rongxin Academy case was that the state-owned land was sold to a school legal person at a low price, and the school legal person had a deep relationship with the Prime Minister’s wife. The case aroused questions from all parties. However, when the Prime Minister was questioned, he claimed that the husband and wife had nothing to do with the case. In order to make the Prime Minister’s statement “true”, the relevant units were ordered to tamper with the official documents, and many civil servants were involved in the dispute.

Drama: Shinbun Kisha
Native Title: 新聞記者
Also Known As: The Journalist , Newspaper Reporter
Director: Fujii Michihito
Screenwriter: Yamada Yoshitatsu, Kodera Kazuhisa
Genres: Thriller, Drama, Political
Country: Japan
Episodes: 6
Aired: Jan 13, 2022
Aired On: Thursday
Original Network: Netflix
Duration: 50 min.

Main cast:

Yonekura Ryoko,Ayano Go,Yokohama Ryusei,Yoshioka Hidetaka,Terajima Shinobu

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