Shakira (2022) (TV3)

The drama ‘Shakira’ featuring Janna Nick, Shukri Yahaya and Khai Bahar will be broadcast on the Akasia TV3 slot from January 5, every Monday to Friday at 7pm. Also aired on the iQiyi streaming platform the same day after the broadcast on TV3.

Episode: 28
Release Date: 5 January 2022
Broadcast Hours: Monday-Friday, 7:00 p.m.
Network: Akasia TV3
Script Writer: Zarihah Hassan, Zuraida Ramli
Director: Idora Abdul Rahman
Production: Wiranusa Corporation

Main Cast:

Janna Nick as Shakira
Shukri Yahaya as Amir
Khai Bahar sebagai Irdi
Syerinie Myra as Anita
Ikhwan Khairudin as Shidi
Nada Nur Syuhada as Hanisah
Wan Raja as Zakuan
Marisa Yasmin as Aunt Aida
Edika Yusof as Tuan Rizal
Ramona Zamzam as Kartini
Wan Nor Azlin as Kalsom
Melissa Wafa as Yanie
Fathil Dani as Dani
Halimah Naim as Mak Leha
Aishah Sudin as Kak Zah

Theme Song
Song: Demi Cinta Ini
Artist: Tomok & Fatin Afeefa
Composer & Lyrics: Afiez & Tomok


The life of Shakira (Janna Nick) and Hanisah (Nada Nursyuhada) has not been easy since childhood. Two orphaned siblings boarded in the shade at the house of Aunt Aida (Marisa Yasmin), the step -sister of their late mother who is greedy, selfish and willing to do anything to get the property left by their late parents.

After Hanisah graduated and just started working, she fell in love with Zakuan (Wan Raja). Despite only two months of acquaintance, Hanisah has married Zakuan on Aunt Aida’s plan. Aunt Aida uses Zakuan who is also her nephew to persuade Hanisah to hand over the savings that should have been used to pay for Shakira’s university studies to Zakuan.

When Shakira found out the money had been used as capital for Zakuan’s business, she started being buskers to fund her fees. Zakuan fell into gambling and debt around his waist. Since then, Hanisah began to suffer from mental disorders. Shakira had to quit college and become full -time buskers with the Cinta Hati Busker group led by Irdi (Khai Bahar).

One day, Shakira was offered to sing with a live band at a new resort. Irdi supports Shakira’s decision. In silence, Irdi liked Shakira but he was unable to express his feelings. Irdi is still gripped by guilt over the death of his late wife.

In silence, Shakira is also getting closer to Amir (Shukri Yahaya). Amir is a man who looks serious but turns cheerful after getting acquainted with Shakira. He works as an architect in his own company. Four years ago, Amir was heartbroken after being abandoned by his fiancée, Anita. At first, Amir did not like street musicians because he hated his brother -in -law, Irdi. For Shakira’s sake, Amir began to change his view.

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