Semua Tentang Kita (2022)

Watch the telefilm All About Us a reality story of life while in the Covid-19 pandemic phase this Friday at 10pm.

Broadcast Time: January 28, 2022, 10:00 p.m.
Network: TV3
Director: Riza Baharudin
Production: A. Aida Production Sdn Bhd
Cast: Syafie Naswip, Jalaludin Hassan, Edika Yusof, Vanidah Imran, Anna Jobling, Doria Rachel Jolly, Aida Khalida, Anne Arifin, Kamarul Eqifshah, Kodi Rasheed


Narrates the behavior of the Malaysian community in the face of the alleged Covid-19 pandemic. Amir had found an easy way to escape back to the village. After returning from the village, Amir panicked because he tested positive for Covid-19. Housemates and parents in the village are also contagious. Hairi and Zeera are in the process of wanting a divorce because they are no longer together. They had to lock themselves at home with their son, Ery because of PKPD. They often quarrel while Ery tries to reunite them. Rosa and Jasmine were flight attendants before the pandemic. As a result of being fired, they were desperate and tried their luck to trade food on the side of the road.

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