SEIKA no Sora (2021)

SEIKA no Sora (2021)

“A Little Hot in Space” is a sci-fi sitcom directed by Zhou Houheng, starring Zhou Lang, Ye Xiaokai , Ma Mengqiao , Xu Heyuan , Yu Dong, etc.

It will be broadcast exclusively on Tencent Video on May 28, 2021.
The play tells the story of a series of stories that happened after Ye Zhihong, the old captain of the spaceship “Bangshanghua”, abandoned the ship and escaped after receiving a signal of revenge from his wife .

Drama: SEIKA no Sora
Native Title: SEIKAの空
Also Known As: Seika’s Sky
Genres: Comedy
Country: Japan
Episodes: 3
Aired: May 28, 2021 – Jun 11, 2021
Aired On: Friday


Matsuzaka Tori,Iura Arata,Miura Shohei,Fujieda Yoshiki,Kubozuka Airu


The production of a spin-off of the drama “If I’d Kiss At That Time” starring Tori Matsuzaka is revealed. The manga “SEIKA no Sora” that appears in the play will be live-action as a serial drama of all three episodes.
This work , in which Matsuzaka plays the supermarket clerk Nozomi Momoji, Kumiko Aso plays the manga artist “Kanigama Joe”, Tomoe Yuzuki, and Arata Iura plays Masao Tanaka, the cleaner. It depicts Taochi and Masao, whose soul has been transferred due to the accident, involving various people. Crab Kama Joe’s work “SEIKA’s Sky” is “SF Vegetable Spectacle Adventure Tan” that Taochi loves. The stage is the country of vegetables, the Kingdom of Seika. The battle between the demon king Yaoya and the brave men who stood up to protect the people from the fear of the monsters born from the grudge of the discarded vegetables is depicted.

The cast members of “If I’d Kiss At That Time” will appear in “SEIKA’s Sky”. Yoshiteru Fujieda, the editor in charge of Joe Kanigama, is the heroine, the heroine, Airu Kubozuka, the heroine, and Masao’s son, Airu Kubozuka . Shohei Miura , who plays the role of Haruto Takamizawa, who is the deputy editor of the magazine, plays the unfriendly handsome heroine, Kiryuin Pemen, and Arata Iura, who plays the role of Masao, plays the macho hero, Shiranui Konnosuke. In addition, Matsuzaka, who plays the role of Momoji, who professes to be a Moyao fan in the main drama, plays the role of Moyao Mameda, a brave man who is transcendental.

The script is written by Takashi Tsunoda , a European project who appears in the main story as the editor-in-chief of Weekly Shonen Maximum, Tadashi Ikuma . He also appears in the spin-off as the eggplant monster Nasute. Kento Kinouchi was in charge of the production. The comments by Fujieda, Kubozuka, Miura, Iura, and Matsuzaka are as follows.

“SEIKA no Sora” will be distributed on TELASA for 3 weeks after the end of the main broadcast on May 28th. “If I’d Kiss At That Time” is being broadcast on TV Asahi every Friday night.


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