See You After Quarantine? (2021)

See You After Quarantine? (2021)

The filming process of this drama is in compliance with the Ministry of Culture’s “Anti-epidemic Management Measures for Film and Television Crew Filming”.

“I found the seagull camera, although it’s a bit late, but I still want to give it to you…” Chen Bochun looked at the message from the stranger, only to find out that his mobile phone number was the old number, so he was called by the other party after registering the communication software.

Mistakenly for another person, and this person is holding the seagull camera that he is thinking of! After struggling for a while, he

Drama: See You After Quarantine?
Native Title: 隔離後見個面,好嗎?
Also Known As: Ge Li Hou Jian Ge Mian, Hao Ma? , Gaak Lei Hau Gin Go Min, Hou Ma? , 隔离後见个面,好吗? , 隔離後見個面好嗎 , See You After Quarantine, Okay?
Screenwriter: Lin Pei Yu
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Country: Taiwan
Episodes: 10
Aired: Sep 17, 2021 – Oct 6, 2021
Aired On: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Original Network: KKTV
Duration: 7 min.


Lance Chiu,Akihiro Kawai,Aaron Lai


“Let’s meet after quarantine, okay?” Describes the special fate of Japanese people who were quarantined in an anti-epidemic hotel after coming to Taiwan, because of a camera and a set of phone numbers; this is also the case with KKTV and Japanese streaming platforms Video Market, Rakuten TV has collaborated across the sea for the third time, and is written by Lin Peiyu, the screenwriter of “Two Dads”, “Best Interests” and “HIStory Series”.


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