Secret Royal Inspector & Joy (2021)

Secret Royal Inspector & Joy (2021)

Drama: Secret Royal Inspector & Joy
Native Title: 어사와 조이
Also Known As: Tale of Secret Agent and Joy , Tale of the Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi , Secret Royal Inspector Joy , Royal Secret Inspector Joy , Eosawa Joyi , Eosajoidyeon , 어사조이뎐 , Inspector Joy
Screenwriter: Lee Jae Yoon
Director: Yoo Jong Sun
Genres: Historical, Mystery, Comedy, Romance
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Aired: Nov 8, 2021 – Dec 28, 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday
Original Network: tvN
Duration: 60 min.


Ok Taec Yeon,Kim Hye Yoon,Lee Jae Kyoon,Bae Jong Ok,Jeong Bo Seok,Min Jin Woong


Actor Ok Taecyeon, who took on the role of a clumsy but sweet, funny yet thrilling demonic teacher Ryan in ‘Easy and Joy’, conveyed a message of regret.

In the tvN Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Easy and Joy’ (written by Lee Jae-yoon / directed by Yoo Jong-sun), which ended on the 28th, Ok Taecyeon portrayed her character three-dimensionally with her pleasant and heavy acting, leading to her favorable reviews.

Ok Taecyeon, who took on her first historical drama acting challenge through ‘Usa and Joy’. He crossed genres from romance to action with a 180-degree difference from the impactful portrayal of the villain character in his previous work, tvN’s ‘Vincenzo’. Asa Ryan, who is chasing behind the incident, led the play by closely depicting the changing emotions every moment. It gave fun by showing sharp eyes, a cool smile, and a charismatic secret word, overwhelming the atmosphere at once, but showing weakness in front of Joy (Kim Hye-yoon).

In particular, in the last episode, despite his status as a nobleman, Ryan, who left for a business with Joy, Yook Chil (Min Jin-woong), Goo Pal (Park Kang-seop), Kwang-soon (Lee Sang-hee), and Bi-ryeong (Chae Won-bin), was drawn, drawing attention. Ryan, who left the palace without any regrets after condemning Park Seung (Bo Seok Bo Seok) and Do Soo (Choi Tae Hwan), returned to Joseon’s best master chef ‘Ra Bang Deuk’ and opened a dumpling room and said, “This time with you is precious to me, and I eat every meal with you. I’m happy to be able to be together. Joy. Will you be my companion for the rest of my life?” and completed the romance with a kissing kiss. In the process, Taecyeon flexibly portrays Ion’s warm consideration, who exempts 6 and Goo Pal from slavery to two people and accepts Joy’s will and choices as they are, as well as portraying the character of Ryan in a more colorful way with his unique pleasant charm. paid


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