Secret Crush On You (2022)

Secret Crush On You (2022)

Drama: Secret Crush On You
Native Title: แอบหลงรัก
Also Known As: Stalker the Series
Director: Cheewin Thanamin Wongskulphat
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 0
Airs: Feb 11, 2022 – ?
Airs On: Friday
Original Network: Channel 3

Main cast:

Billy Patchanon Ounsa-ard,Seng Wichai Saefant,Freen Sarocha Chankimha,Becky Armstrong,Heng Asavarid Pinitkanjanapun,Surprise Pittikorn Siripornsawan


second year student desk Film and still images of one college From a normal student with a nerdy face who enjoys taking photos and living with friends, it has to change. When he had fun participating in the Photoclub photo contest activity under the topic of The Magic of Love.

because of the simple look of a young man with glasses Make the table never love before He couldn’t break the problem that was given to him. Until meeting with Nuea, a third year senior who has a degree in college from following friends to cheering for basketball games Photo table above during the match Amid the cheers and crowds He titled the picture You Are The Magic and entered the contest until he won the competition. It should have ended there. But the table fell deeply in love with the North

because of their incomparable mediocrity Compared to the past month, the university had all the good things above. The table therefore chose to look from a distance and hide in his own corner. Stay tuned for breaking news. movement with close friends in the group to help. Follow up to take photos and attach photos to the wall of the room. Collect as many small souvenirs as you can find. Realizing again, the table has become a secret love to the fullest.

The love of the table was supposed to go on like that, but the opportunity suddenly dropped in front of him. When North wants to hire someone who takes photos of You Are The Magic to be a photographer at her sister’s birthday party. causing the two to get to know each other How will the love of the table be next? Continue watching in Secret Crush On You , broadcast every Friday at 11pm on Channel 3, press 33, CH3Plus application and can receive an Exclusive Re-run on YouTube channel. IDOLFACTORY OFFICIAL Secretly in love with The Series Secret Crush On You starts on Friday 11 February 2022.


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