Scarlet (2019)

Scarlet (スカーレット / Sukaretto) is a Japanese drama starring Toda Erika and Matsushita Kohei. Premiere 30-Sep-2019 on NHK General TV, this is NHK Asadora #101.

Drama: Scarlet
Native Title: スカーレット
Also Known As: Sukaretto
Director: Noda Yusuke, Sato Yuzuru, Suzuki Wataru, Nakashima Yuki
Screenwriter: Mizuhashi Fumie
Genres: Historical, Romance, Life, Drama
Country: Japan
Episodes: 150
Aired: Sep 30, 2019 – Mar 28, 2020
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Original Network: NHK
Duration: 15 min.


Shortly after the end of the war, Kawahara Kimiko (Toda Erika) moves to Shigaraki, a pottery town in Shiga Prefecture, from Osaka. The oldest of three girls, she is a hardworking person who has supported her family (Sakuraba Nanami, Fukuda Mayuko, Kitamura Kazuki, Tomita Yasuko) since she was a child.

Having grown up around Shigaraki pottery, Kimiko eventually immerses herself in the male-dominated pottery world, where she proceeds to blaze a trail as a pioneering pottery artist. She falls in love and marries her husband, who is also a ceramic artist. United by their aspiration to be the ideal creative couple, they strive to create one-of-a-kind Shigaraki items using their own kiln. She becomes a mother of two children and also cultivates many disciples.

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