Saretagawa no Blue (2021)

Saretagawa no Blue (2021)

” Saletagawa no Blue ” is a Japanese manga work by Chika Semoto.

The sadness and resentment of the husband of “Saletagawa” who is a high-income designer and his wife’s husband has an affair with his wife and tries to revenge on the wife of “Shitagawa” who tries to satisfy his desire with selfish reasoning Draw.

Serialized in Shueisha ‘s app Manga Mee . As “a manga that you will definitely not want to have an affair if you read it”, it has already exceeded 300 million PV on the site , and in May and July 2021, volumes 1 and 2 and volumes 3 and 4 Was released at the same time .

In addition, a PV featuring voice actors such as Soma Saito and Kana Hanazawa was released in August 2020 .

In the MBS ” Dramaism ” frame , it was made into a TV drama starring Atsuhiro Inukai and Miona Hori , and was broadcast from July 14, 2021 (midnight on 13th) to September 1 (midnight on August 31).

Drama: Saretagawa no Blue
Native Title: サレタガワのブルー
Also Known As: Saletagawa no Blue , Melancholy of the Betrayed
Director: Smith
Screenwriter: Date Sorami
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: Japan
Episodes: 8
Aired: Jul 14, 2021 – Sep 1, 2021
Aired On: Wednesday
Original Network: MBS, TBS
Duration: 25 min.


Inukai Atsuhiro,Hori Miona,Iwaoka Toru,Takanashi Rin,Nakata Keisuke,Kitai Aya


Nobu Tagawa is a high-income graphic designer. He works from home and does all the housework perfectly. Nobu loves his kind and very cute wife, Aiko , and he feels very happy.

However, suddenly, Aiko’s suspicion of cheating crosses her head, and even though she thinks it’s true, her best friend Kohei shows her the back of Aiko’s SNS and she almost vomits.

After that, Aiko witnessed the affair scene of Aiko who was having fun with her boss, Kazumasa Mori , and was suffering, but Aiko continued to play a cute wife in front of her husband and lied like exhaling.

I don’t feel guilty about cheating at all.

She chooses her means to satisfy her desires, realizes the true nature of her Aiko’s villain who tramples on her feelings, and decides to take her revenge.

And she works with Kazumasa’s wife, Kozue , who she met at the scene of her affair, and starts to move toward her divorce.


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