Samee Chua Keun (2022)

Samee Chua Keun (2022)

On the night of a party to celebrate the success of condo sales, The Destiny , a business in CL. A proud achievement of Chayut , a handsome young businessman, Chonlaphansa at that time was just a young woman. not very nervous recently graduated and caught the boyfriend cheating So he drank until he was drunk to forget the suffering in his heart. Not knowing that the night she wanted to forget would become the beginning of her new life.
That night, Chonpatsa accidentally had a relationship with a man who only knew his face. The next morning when Saticholphatsa was shocked and embarrassed. Hurry up and put on your clothes and escape from the room. three months after Chonlaphansa is pregnant with her warm father, Chai . I promise to help raise my grandchildren in the best way. Although Chonlapansa did not dare to tell the truth about who the child’s father was.

Her son Luk Prune grew up with love and warmth, but Chonlapansa’s relationship with her older sister , Sirin, fell apart. because Chai brings money to send Sirindhorn to study abroad as expenses for raising Chonlapansa’s children This makes Sirin hate Chonphonsa, who takes away her future.
Six years later, Chonphonsa struggles to become the strongest creative woman of the Mary Organizer Company. Not knowing that this company is a subsidiary of CL. After finishing work, she hurried to pack up because she had to go to the Father’s Day party at Prune’s school. So called the TO GO application service that made Chonlaphansa meet Kasa , a handsome, cool guy. Owner of a successful startup company

Drama: Samee Chua Keun
Native Title: สามีชั่วคืน
Also Known As: Husband Overnight
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 15
Aired: Jan 14, 2022 – ?
Aired On: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Main cast:

Pinkploy Paparwadee Chansamorn,Euro Yotsawat Tawapee,Bom Phongsakon Tosuwan,Praew Chermawee Suwanpanuchoke,Fifa Premanan Sripanich,Gookgiik Kochakorn Songsangterm


Husband of the Night, a young female protagonist, Pink Ploy Paphawadee, with the strongest single mom role. having to get involved with three young men Euro-Yosawat Pongsakorn and Tantawan

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