Saiai no Hito: The Other Side of Nihon Chinbotsu (2021)

Saiai no Hito: The Other Side of Nihon Chinbotsu (2021)

Drama: Saiai no Hito: The Other Side of Nihon Chinbotsu
Native Title: 最愛のひと ~The other side of 日本沈没~
Also Known As: My Beloved One ~The Other Side of Japan Sinks~
Genres: Romance
Country: Japan
Episodes: 8
Aired: Oct 10, 2021 – Dec 12, 2021
Aired On: Sunday
Original Network: Paravi
Duration: 15 min.


Itagaki Mizuki
Fukuyama Shodai
Yoda Yuki


October 2023. Eiichi Higashiyama , a young Prime Minister who attaches great importance to the environment, announced at the World Environmental Conference that he would promote the undersea resource mining project ” COMS “. Looking ahead to Japan in the future, the ” Japan Future Promotion Council ” will be established, which gathers excellent young people from each ministry and agency, and the main character, Akira Amami of the Ministry of the Environment, will be selected as a member.

One day, I met with Yusuke Tadokoro , a heretic in the geophysical world who is the author of the article that caused the demonstration of the “COMS” opposition group and is ringing the alarm bell for the sinking of Kanto, which is said to be caused by “COMS”. do. However, Dr. Tadokoro does not listen to the story of Tenkai and gives a prophecy that “a large earthquake will occur off the coast of Izu and Hinoshima will sink, which will be a precursor to the sinking of Kanto.”

The next day, an earthquake with the epicenter off Izu predicted by Dr. Tadokoro will occur. A submersible survey is conducted to confirm the truth of the Kanto sinking theory, but Dr. Tadokoro, who could not show the grounds for the Kanto sinking, is inferior. Immediately after that, however, the appearance of Hinoshima, which was predicted by Dr. Tadokoro, sinking into the sea is shown on TV news .

Even if Hinoshima sinks, Dr. Tadokoro’s claim is not accepted, and Tenkai tries to pursue the truth. When the original recorded data was ordered, it was found that the authority of geology, Professor Sera , had tampered with the data of the submersible survey. After that, the analysis by Dr. Tadokoro based on the “correct survey data” is completed, and it is predicted that “the Kanto sinking will start within one year at the latest” .

Dr. Jenkins , a world authority, also supports the Tadokoro theory, and the analysis gives an analysis that “the probability is within half a year 70%”. However, opinions are divided between Tenkai, who demands information disclosure to all the people as soon as possible, and other members. Tenkai, who puts the lives of the people first, leaks information to the weekly journalist Minari Shiina and tells the people in a newspaper article .

While the Japanese economy is in a difficult situation due to the collapse of the Nikkei stock price, evacuation of residents in the Kanto area begins. Taking responsibility for the leak problem, Shiina is dismissed and Tenkai is removed from the Future Promotion Council. Immediately after seeing off the evacuation bus of Tenkai’s wife and child and Shiina’s mother, a large earthquake struck and the skyscrapers collapsed, causing a large-scale crack in the asphalt and finally the Kanto sinking began .

Only the coastal area of ​​the Kanto region sinks, and 90% of the initial expected sinking range escapes sinking. After learning that the evacuation bus on which her wife and child were in an accident, Tenkai heads to Matsuba-cho, the site, with Shiina to confirm the safety of her wife and child. Although Dr. Tadokoro provided good news that the sinking of the Kanto region had converged to a minimum, Tenkai told Taira Ishizuka of the “Future Promotion Council” about the current situation in the disaster area where relief supplies did not reach . After that, with the follow-up of Koichi Tokiwa , the chairman of the Future Promotion Council, relief supplies were delivered to the disaster area, and Tenkai was requested by the Prime Minister to return to the site .


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