Run For Young (2022)

Run For Young (2022)

Drama: Run For Young
Native Title: 碎玉投珠
Also Known As: Sui Yu Tou Zhu , Crushing Jade and Casting Pearls
Genres: Adventure, Friendship, Drama
Country: China
Episodes: 1
Aired: 2022 – ?

Main cast not yet:


The young master of the century-old jade carving shop, Ding Hanbai, was bullying in every possible way when he first saw this timid junior and junior brother Ji Zhenzhu, but he didn’t think Jiangnan Shuimi would raise such a person who was so dedicated and soft-hearted. From not dealing with each other to appreciating each other, as time goes by, even this appreciation gradually changes the taste… take a step back, brother and brother, and further special liking, and then go further to finish life.


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