Rumah (2022) Full Movie Cast, Review, Details

The horror film titled RUMAH starring Erra Fazira, Puteri Balqis and Mak Jah will be screened in cinemas throughout Malaysia on 24 February 2022.

Screening Date: 24 February 2022
Scriptwriter: Ayez
Director: Kay
Production: Mojo Projects Sdn Bhd
Cast: Erra Fazira, Puteri Balqis, Mak Jah, Sofea Shaheera, Asward Naslim, Shyrim, Riki Rikando, Iswadi, Mohd Afifi, Gusion Lal, Mashanum, Mell Adnan


Revolves around a single mother who tries to provide comfort and security for her daughter.

Despite the challenges they face in life, Maya is determined to give her best for her daughter and continues to find a home for themselves.

The search led them to a middle lot terrace house below the market price they bought without thinking long and the horror began.

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