Ruk Lon Paeng (2021)

Ruk Lon Paeng (2021)

Drama: Ruk Lon Paeng
Native Title: รักล้นแผง
Also Known As:
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 18
Aired: Jun 12, 2021 – ?
Aired On: Saturday, Sunday
Original Network: Channel 7
Duration: 40 min.


Jean Chertinnara Phongpeeradej


Today, entertainment news, there is a story of Channel 7 drama for everyone to listen to as a story in a very fun bazaar. This drama is called Rak Lam Phaeng , when a grilled pork merchant.

Come fall in love with the market owner’s daughter. Let’s take a look at the story of these two. Sia Ruai, a former charming merchant. Build yourself to be rich as the name suggests. Open the “Rai Mitr Market”. come up with a dream But the day his dream came true, his beloved wife died.

just above Nong Nuong Sia’s daughter who is rich is very jealous. Sia Rich discourages young men from approaching Rainbow Rat.

Like the rainbow mouse that Huang Xiaotong has been rich for since she can remember. No matter what kind of young woman approaches Sia Rich Must pass screening from rainbow rats first only Sia Rich hopes that Noo Rung will take care of the market instead.

but stuck at the rainbow mouse This world is driven by Passion. Moreover, Sia Ruai never let Noo Rung come to help in the marketing work from the beginning. Noo Rung’s passion is therefore not marketing management as his father wants. But it’s about going to study abroad to find something you like. or simply called Noo Rung is a young tyrant.

with the fact that Sia Rich loves her children very much Sia Rich did not dare to offend Nu Rung. but plans to set conditions for Noo Rung to join a joint venture with Bee Net Idol Yod Fallo Noi to open a shop “Farm Rak”, a non-toxic vegetable-fruit shop If within 1 year, Noo Rung can make a profit of 2 million baht. Sia is rich so Rung allows Noo Rung to study abroad as he wants. But to let Nong Rung open a shop in the market Instead, it’s a risk that I will have a young man in the morning. Come to the sheep island to sell dumplings and visit a forward-looking handsome man. He seems to be the one who made Khun Nootist’s heart.

Shocked. Visited as an elementary school friend. Mulberry, a merchant selling soybean juice, has a calm face, speaks little, and seduces a merchant at a grass jelly shop. Ha Ha Jom Kalon Two mischievous people who invite them to come and open a stall selling grilled pork at the Ruammit Market. And I don’t know if it’s because of a coincidence or what.

causing Noo Rung to divide the area in front of Farm Rak’s shop to visit and open a shop selling grilled pork “Ping Yim” next to each other, even though Sia Rui is not happy to let her most tenacious daughter stay close to Yum. But I have to remember because Yii Dan is a cousin of Toei.

The owner of a karaoke shop, Sia Rich is flirting with. But then, it seems like heaven will favor Sia Rich. When Noo Rung accidentally hears that Sae Chuan visits the incense stick, he vows to flirt with Noo Rung in order to get money to pay off Mon and Sae’s debts.

Which is great, will be able to get both Noo Rung as a fan and sell things in the market for free as well Noo Rung immediately pinned that Yim was a scammer. And she will definitely not fall in love with this crafty merchant!!! How will the story of Yim and Noo Rung be next? Please follow on Channel 7 every Saturday-Sunday at 9:00 AM.


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