Ruen Mai Majurat (2019)

House of Death (เรือนไหมมัจจุราช / Ruen Mai Majurat) is a lakorn from Thailand featuring Phutanate Hongmanop, Thikamphonritha Aphinan, Vorarit Fuangarome, Apitsada Kruakongka. Premiere 14-Oct-2019 from Mon-Thu 20:10 by One 31.

Drama: The Golden Silkworm
Native Title: เรือนไหมมัจจุราช
Also Known As: House of Death , The House of Golden Silkworm , Ruen Mai Majurat
Director: Jariwat Uppakharnchaiyaphat
Genres: Historical, Supernatural
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 36
Aired: Oct 14, 2019 – Dec 12, 2019
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Original Network: GMM One
Duration: 50 min.

Main Cast:

Phutanate Hongmanop (1976) as Yong Jian
Thikamphonritha Aphinan (1987) as Seiya
Vorarit Fuangarome (วรฤทธิ์ เฟื่องอารมย์ 1977) as Yong Chang
Apitsada Kruakongka (1985) as Phikul
Sujira Arunpipat (1982) as สไบ
Rasee Watcharapolmek (ราศี วัชราพลเมฆ 1978) as Xasa
Wattana Gamtornthip (1975) as Khampan
Primrata Dej-Udom (พริมรตาเดชอุดม 1983) as Fai Kham
Sawitri Samiphak (1961) as Yong Mei Sue
Narinthon Na Bangchang (นรินทรณบางช้าง 1967) as Peach
Arnuttaphol Sirichomsaeng (อาณัตพล ศิริชุมแสง 1983) as Doctor Liao
Wittaya Thepthip (วิทยา เทพทิพย์) as Yong Ming
Naphatthita Kawin as Swan/Feifeng
Panachai Sriariyaroongruang (1996) as Dec
Sarit Trilertvichien (สาริษฐ์ ตรัยเลิศวิเชียร 1998) as Chokh
Phimlaphat Chungsura (2000) as เอื้องผึ้ง


The story is about the two Yong brothers, Yong Jian (Captain) and Yong Chang (Nott). The brothers are the best cloth merchants in the city of Phra Nakhon. Yong Chang has to travel to the Mien tribe to get the best silkworm for the cloth trade from him.

He ends up finding love with Seiya and they return to live together in Phra Nakhon. When he comes to live with the Yong family, he sees the world filled with jealousy and envy and competes for a way to deal with the cruel world.

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