Ruen Mai Majurat (2019)

The Man Who Kills Troubles, The Solvers (解決師 / Jie Jue Shi) es un drama de Hong Kong con Law Lok Lam, Nora Miao, Eric Li, Natalie Tong. Estreno 14-Oct-2019 por TVB Jade.

Main Cast:

Law Lok Lam (1948) como Jeung Tou
Eric Li (Li Tianxiang 1976)
Natalie Tong (Tang Shiyong 1981) como Jovi
Stephanie Au (Au Mingmiao 2001)
Sharon Chan (Chen Minzhi 1979)
Vincent Wong (Wang Haoxin 1983) como Orson / O / Sr. O / K / Sr. K / O Sir
Wiyona Yeung (Yang Liuqing 1987) como Tracy
Matthew Chu (Zhu Leming1993) como Keung
Tristan Cheung como Gin
David Do (Du Dawei 1976) como George
Billy Cheung (1967) como Oscar
Russell Cheung (Zhang Zhixuan 1977) como Chris
Virginia Lau (Liu Wenxin 1990) como Candy
Lydia Law (Luo Xinling 1992) como Ruby


The Fixers use any means necessary to help the Triads solve the most difficult problems. Vincent Wong , a repairman for a Chinese-Australian triad, wishes to leave the triads and be with his beloved, but she is killed in an accident. At the same time, he is accused of murdering a triad leader. He fakes his death to escape death and travels to Hong Kong, where he starts a new life as a high school gym teacher.

Natalie Tong , a new teacher at the school, is actually the daughter of a triad leader. Her father’s removal from the triads causes waves on both the legal and illegal sides and even affects the school community. Vincent is forced to resume his identity as a repairman to protect Natalie and the students.

Jonathan Cheung , a future police star, has vowed to rid Hong Kong of triads. But a truth makes him completely lose his morality and embark on the path of evil. His subordinate Crystal Fung loves him dearly but she is unable to convince him…

Vincent learns that there is more to Kelly ‘s death . At the same time, Natalie ‘s father is secretly murdered. With the help of her father’s assistant, Sharon Chan , Natalie takes over as leader of the triad to bring control to the chaotic underworld. Vincent and Natalie are in love with her, so he gives her the most support and protection. Faced with a new realignment in the good and bad spheres, who can put things right again?

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