Ru Yi Dan (2022)

Ru Yi Dan (2022)

Drama: Ru Yi Dan
Native Title: 如意蛋
Also Known As:
Genres: Historical, Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy
Country: China
Episodes: 1
Aired: 2022 – ?

Main cast:

Da Feng Gua Guo


Publishing House: Weixiang Culture Copywriter: By chance, Bihua Lingjun got an egg made of Ruyi jade, called Ruyi Egg, known as Ruyi Egg. It can make the holder’s wish come true, and what he wants to hatch can be hatched! The whole heaven knows that Bihua Lingjun doesn’t love birds and spirit beasts, but no one thought that he would hatch an inconspicuous spirit tiger. If it’s just an inconspicuous spirit tiger, why is this spirit tiger clinging to the east and west, always provoking other spirit beasts in the mansion? Could it be that the spirit beasts hatched from wishful eggs are affected by the incubators even their preferences? But, but but… Bihua Lingjun never thought that the wish-fulfilling eggs he hatched would be that kind of thing… Thoughts: I, I really like this set of winds and I like him warmly. When I read his books, I always feel that my heart is being scratched by a feather, and when I scratch my heart, I can’t stand it anymore. Every time I read his book, I can’t bear it. I can’t stop feeling the urge to be reincarnated (huh) but I don’t like “Wishful Eggs” so much compared to other novels I’ve read that have been blown by the wind. The heart is pounding and the ending is not very good (although I still eat the explanation that has been blown by the wind) always makes people have the illusion of “deliberately stuffing this setting in order to have HE”~”~ Next At the beginning of the story “Wishful Eggs”, it took a lot of effort to describe Bihua Lingjun, who spent a lot of time writing about the little tiger cub hatched from the egg, and then spent a lot of time moving the scene to the scene. The island of “Peach Blossom Debt”

As a result, it dragged on like this for half an episode, and Bihua Lingjun hadn’t even started to fall in love with Ruyi Egg

. The hatched little tiger cub finally turned into a great immortal named Dan Xi.
Because his life was too boring, he was entangled in it. To be married with Bihua Lingjun
, Bihua Lingjun was not very willing at first, but he never refused Dan Xi’s request . The
two of them chatted for an entire episode, and Bihua Lingjun suddenly accepted Dan Xi. After he confessed

and wandered around for a while, Dan Xi suddenly didn’t want Bihua Lingjun anymore!

It didn’t take long for Dan Xi to miss Bihua Lingjun and
think about it, and finally he remembered the past when he was still an egg,
and only then did he realize that Bihua Lingjun was still a human being. I fell in love with Dan Zi at first sight
and Dan Zi himself, also in that long time ago, felt distressed over Bihua Lingjun

. The ending of this book really made me very wrong…
Although the previous Dan Zi couldn’t catch up with Bihua Lingjun. I like the place where
Dan Xi leaves Bihua Lingjun, and Bihua Lingjun doesn’t say a word,
but if the story ends in Dan Xi occasionally sees Bihua Lingjun, but the two are no longer there. Where there is love, I will definitely like it more.

There is a strong wind saying that Bihua Lingjun is a black belly. I think it’s okay, but Dan
‘s old and uncultivated personality is really cute.
This is even more cute (laughs)


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