Romanced (2021)

Romanced (2021)

Drama: Romanced
Native Title: 뒤로맨스
Also Known As: Back Romance , After Romance , romanceD , Dwilomaenseu
Genres: Mystery, Romance
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 8
Aired: Jun 17, 2021 – Aug 6, 2021
Aired On: Thursday
Duration: 15 min.


Kim Jae Won,Kim Ye Eun,Choi Si Hun,Kwak Ye Heon


As mentioned above, the production cost is 1/6 of that of a TV drama, and the airing and production time is shorter than that of a TV drama, with a broadcast time of 10 to 30 minutes.[6] And, given the nature of the Internet environment, the subject matter is free and the production threshold is low, so it has the advantage of being able to take on challenges easily. Another advantage is that viewers can enjoy it for free.
However, in most cases, the shooting environment itself is not good because the production cost is low from the beginning and there is a limit even if the PPL is drawn. In order to save labor costs, it is not uncommon to film about 20 episodes at once, because convening staff and actors for several days for a long period of time costs labor costs and equipment rental costs. Although it is called a drama, it is easy to understand if you look at it as it is basically closer to a short film schedule. In TV dramas, it is difficult to include scenes in the rain or scenes using various locations, which are common in low-budget dramas such as morning dramas, because of the difficulty in hiring a water truck or a place for only scenes that appear briefly for a short period of time. As a result, as a background, there are many cases where the places where the production companies are located or the places of investment that pay the production cost are used. In particular, local government dramas show this tendency.
New actors and new directors and writers are discovered
thanks to the low production cost, short production period, and the pre-production of all episodes, except in unusual cases.[7] In many ways, it is less burdensome for new actors than TV dramas that are often filmed in real time because of the huge capital and rare pre-production. Thanks to this circumstance, it is helpful for the basic field experience of newcomers with agencies, such as young rookie actors or idol singers .[8] Generally, newcomers or unknown actors gain field experience through independent film production sites such as short films, because it is difficult to make independent short films an option if there is an exclusive contract with an agency. In the case of short films, which are 99% non-commercial films, there is no benefit to the management company.[9] This is because, once an exclusive contract has been signed, the agency has an obligation to continuously provide management in any form, and if this is not followed, there is a risk of being embroiled in a contract termination lawsuit. In such a situation, the existence of a web drama market that is capable of acting as a commercial activity despite a low budget production environment like an independent film is a good channel for newcomers and agencies.[10]
Conversely, the discovery of new directors and new screenwriters has also become relatively easy through web dramas. For young directors and screenwriters, for example, it is almost impossible to make an early debut under the existing broadcasting system. This is because, in the case of joining as a PD, it is a method of replacing the position of a shooter by ascending from the bottom, and a freelance screenwriter also works as a cub writer under a professional screenwriter who can be called a shooter and has to rise as much as the shooter’s position. However, with the advent of the web drama industry, directors and screenwriters in their 20s and 30s can easily debut.[11] Web dramas arrange ‘blind dates’ for new actors, new directors, new screenwriters and viewers.
Global scalability Another advantage is that it can be easily viewed by people all over the world directly and quickly through
YouTube . In the past, they had to go through a cumbersome contracting process with each country’s broadcasting platforms, but it’s because you can simply put subtitles in each language and upload them. Since 2018, I have been watching a lot of Korean web dramas on YouTube in Japan , and the response is good, such as being listed on YouTube’s real-time popular video list. Web dramas are also being consumed through global OTT platforms such as Rakuten VIKI , AbemaTV , and Netflix . In particular, in the case of Japan, existing Korean dramas have relatively long lengths, which made it burdensome to organize them. In the case of web dramas, even if one episode is very long, it is similar to the average Japanese late-night dramas, so it is difficult for importers or viewers to There is an aspect that can be consumed without burden.


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